Best Free QR Code Generators in 2024

QR codes have integrated well into our society. We often notice them in our favorite businesses' marketing materials or restaurant menus. We can also see them on our banking apps as a way to quickly transfer funds from one account to another.

Free QR code generators are beneficial for companies as they can help deliver information as quickly as possible to their target audience. But how do you select which one is best for you? After all, there are many free QR code makers out there.

The critical point is that it should meet specific criteria. It must have customization, tracking, and the ability to create dynamic codes.

This article will discuss what prompted QR to gain relevance, the features to look out for when choosing a free QR code generator, and a list of the best QR code generators.

What Led To The Sudden Popularity of QR Codes?

  • It's easy to scan QR codes. It doesn't require you to download an application to scan them.
  • QR codes are applicable for restaurants. Just imagine how many food stalls, fast food chains, and high-end restaurants are there worldwide. With the bustling food industry, it's not surprising that most are using this tool. The contactless experience it provides does not only follow the health protocols for COVID, but it is also a classy way to check out one's offerings.
  • They deliver positive ROI. Without a significant investment to shell out, you don't have to break the bank to get substantial results.
 Free QR Code Generator

How to Determine the Best Free QR Code Maker

When doing an evaluation, you must highlight the following features:

  • Ease of use
  • Ability to customize the appearance of your QR codes (can add logos and change frames, QR code shapes, and colors)
  • Can update the site linked to the code based on the day, time, or season
  • Can build a basic mobile landing page
  • Can monitor its performance
  • Accessibility to the customer support team

Best Free QR Code Maker of 2024

1. QR Code Generator

This free QR code generator enables you to create dynamic codes without paying for the service. Since it displays ads on the app, most of its features are free.

The dynamic codes can be updated based on your marketing strategy. It also shows how and where people scan the QR codes. Users can check as many codes as they like. Customizing QR codes is also a breeze as they provide unique designs, colors, and logos.

2. QRCode Monkey, the free QR code maker

QRCode Monkey can generate codes for various data and platforms: websites, text, location, Facebook, Youtube, and more. You can also create and download the QR codes multiple times (and in high resolution), whether for personal or commercial purposes.

3. is another free QR code generator that allows you to make personal or business QR codes. You can input content like Google Map locations and contact numbers, as well as Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom, Paypal, and Bitcoin links. has a fully responsive design that works on any device. You do not have to register or log in to create QR codes and store data.

With excellent customization ability, you'll be free to personalize your code. You can choose from various colors, design patterns, and frames.

Free QR Code Maker

4. QR Zebra

QR Zebra is easy to use and packed with various functionalities. It lets you customize the designs based on your liking and save them as templates for future use. It also creates dynamic codes for a more professional feel. You can save time as you don't have to register for an account.

5. QR Tiger

QR Tiger is another option if you are looking for a free QR code generator. It can generate bulk QR codes and change URLs or the data on the code at any time. Additionally, it can track data – such as the type of devices people use when scanning the codes or where they are located.

6. Go QR

This free QR code maker can create high-quality codes for commercial purposes. This QR code generator works with a QR code text and other data, such as advertising messages, phone numbers, and business cards in vCard format. You can embed QR codes on your website once you've created them.

In addition, the QR code generator includes a QR-server tool with features such as dynamic QR codes, detailed statistics, and user location data. However, the app lacks fancy features compared to other QR code generators.

There you have it – our list of the best free QR code maker for 2024. Remember to check your requirements and match them with the tool that meets your needs. Otherwise, you may consider FormBot. We can revolutionize the way you share information with your customers with our QR code generator feature.

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