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With the introduction of newer technology, more and more people are leveraging the power of smartphones. One tool that is getting popular in the marketing industry is the QR code. A single click will give you the information you need, whether from one person to another or from one business to a customer.

How Can I Create A QR Code Free For My Business

When you create a QR code, you are opening new avenues for people to reach your company. Instead of waiting for them to type in your website, you can provide them with a QR code they can scan. The QR code can hold different information, such as web pages, Wi-Fi access codes, restaurant menus, business information, and many more.

The use of QR codes has become mainstream, especially during the start of the pandemic. With the efforts to reduce physical contact, businesses have tapped this tool. There are two types of QR codes. One is called a free static QR code, which sends people one set location on the web. The other is a dynamic QR code, which can contain updatable and trackable information.

To access QR codes, iPhone users can scan these with their cameras. Scan the QR code, and it will open up the link for you. On the other hand, Android users can utilize Google Assistant or the Google camera app. When you point the camera at a QR code, it scans and searches by itself.

Create QR Code Free

If you are clueless about how to create QR codes, this article will share with you some tips. Adopting it to your business will give customers safe and contactless access to your web pages and other necessary information.

How to Create QR Code Free Via Google Chrome

You can create a QR code for free using the Chrome QR code generator. It has a QR generator feature on Android and iOs, as well as the desktop versions.

For Android devices, you can go to the web page and select the three-dot menu near the search bar. You can tap “Share…”, then choose the QR code. You can download the code to your storage for later use.

iOS device users can also browse on their Chrome webpage and tap the Share symbol. Scrolling down, you can see “Create a QR code” on the menu. Choose this one and tap Share > Save Image or Save To Files to keep the code.

For desktop users, it’s very straightforward. Right-click the Google Chrome skin, and click "Make QR code free for this page." The generated QR code will appear in the upper-right area of the browser where you can download it.

How to Create QR Code Via QRBot

QRbot, the free trackable QR code generator enables you to generate codes that will redirect you to a web page or prompt other actions, such as creating a contact, connecting to a public Wi-Fi, or giving you an address.

Select an action you prefer on the QR code generator app, add in the details, and then download the custom code. It’s that simple.

QRBot’s web, Android, and iOs versions are free, but you can upgrade them for an extra cost. Paying the premium will remove advertisements and provide additional features like color, logo, and theme customization.

How to Create QR Codes for Free

How to Create QR Code Via Barcode Generator

Barcode Generator app offers various pre-built action options to create QR codes free that you can share on email or social media. To make a QR code free, you must select an action, enter your data, and then download the photo.

How to Create QR Code Via iQR Codes

iQR codes allow fast, fill-in-the-blank creation of QR codes, whether for phone numbers, email, locations, calendar events, menus, or more.
However, it is exclusive to macOS users.

The app allows you to adjust the appearance of the QR code compared to other options. It lets you edit the pixel design, corner and resolution sliders, background colors, and the other corner control points. The app also can check the readability of the QR codes.

How to Create QR Code Free Via Social Media Applications

Social media sites have a broad reach. Posting a QR code of your account link allows people to access your social media platforms easily. Social media sites provide QR codes within their apps, making this process hassle-free. You may include the site’s logo for easy reference when posting the QR code to your promotional materials.

Discover The Perks of QR Codes Through The Best Free QR Code Generator

If you need to create a QR code for your business, FormBot - the free QR code generator for social media has got you covered. We can help jumpstart your online marketing by accommodating and sharing a variety of data that would benefit your customers.

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