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Audiences are keener to participate and fill out surveys that are accessible, convenient, and do not take up much of their time. Fortunately, a good survey maker's primary goal is to automate the entire data collection process.

Importance of a Survey Maker

Collecting audience feedback provides businesses with several advantages for improving or creating better new products or services. It's also a great way to ask for suggestions and understand consumer behavior.

Let's learn about the core functions of a survey maker:

Net Promoter Survey

Customer loyalty is a crucial factor in a business's longevity. One of your company's most vital goals is to grow a solid relationship with your customers. It is beneficial not only to your branding but also to your bottom line ROI. As such, you should put effort into making sure you retain your customers for as long as possible.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is something you can use to follow through with this goal. NPS has been helping companies measure customer loyalty since 2004. It was called "the one question you'll ever need" because, surprise—the fundamental metric is based on just a single question:

Would you recommend this product/service to your friend or colleague?

It's easy for respondents to answer because NPS is generally divided into three categories:

  • Promoters - Customers who rate your business between 9-10
  • Detractors - Customers who rank your business between 0-6
  • Passives - Customers who rank your performance between business 7-8
Survey Maker

Utilizing form builder lets you create a survey and provides you with a platform where all the responses to your NPS are automatically recorded and sorted out.

Customer Effort Score Surveys

Customer Effort Score (CES) surveys are questionnaires to measure the effort put in by a customer when getting your product or services. As opposed to customer loyalty, customer efforts are quantifiable.

This survey aims to determine whether your customers find it easy to acquire what you're offering. Remember, the easier it is for consumers to buy from a brand, the more frequent their purchases are.

CES surveys are short with only 3-5 questions—something that you can easily do with a good survey maker, such as the Google survey maker or Survey Monkey.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Apart from loyalty, it's also essential to keep your customers' happiness in check from time to time. Customer satisfaction surveys are a great approach to gauging how your customers feel about your products, services, or brand. One good example is the Uber rating after a ride is completed. These surveys have higher response rates since they do not take too long to fill out.

Market Research Surveys

Market research is vital in identifying what makes your brand stand out. It encompasses almost everything you need to know about your customers—from their demographics to how they react to your product. Reviewing the results allows you to improve your products or services and make them more accessible, acceptable, and user-friendly.

Performing in-depth market research helps you get an insight into:

  • Customers' desires
  • Growth opportunities
  • What's working
  • Who is interested in your product
  • Your brand reach
Free Online Survey Creator

One of the ways to carry out market research is by embedding your surveys on social media sites, such as Facebook or Youtube.

Employee Surveys

Apart from customer retention, you should also never overlook how your employees feel working for your brand. Determining whether your staff is sufficiently engaged or satisfied can provide you with a better understanding of their productivity and performance.

You can implement employee surveys in different ways, such as:

  • Employee satisfaction
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee evaluation surveys
  • Employee recruitment

A survey maker can help you get insights into your employees' sentiments and serve as a great way to create a screening process for selecting the best possible candidates. Just keep in mind, that it is always easier and better to retain older employees than hire new ones.

Online Questionnaires for Students

You can also use a form survey maker to build online questionnaires for students. It is an ideal solution to collecting feedback from students when it comes to infrastructure, teachers, and other aspects that affect the improvement of an educational organization.

Acquiring student feedback can also help school administrators improve their learning modules, understand student sentiment, and build a better bond with students.

Final Thoughts — Try FromBot, the Free Survey Creator

A dependable survey maker enables you to gather specific answers to some of a company's most important questions.

If you're after a survey maker that can provide you will all of these functions, look no further than FormBot, the free online survey creator. Quickly build your forms within minutes and without the need to code.

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