How to Make a QR Code and Utilize It To Your Advantage

QR codes are pixelated barcodes that mobile devices can scan to do various things. It could be to access a URL, connect to WiFi, find a restaurant menu, or get directions, among other things. While it took time for QR codes to go mainstream, they are everywhere and have been proven helpful to individuals and organizations. It helps if you know how to make a QR code and use it to your benefit.

How to Make a QR Code

There are many web-based tools you can use to generate QR codes. Just log in to any web-based QR code generator. Then, enter the URL of the page you want users to access. You can also include PDFs, menus, contact cards, and other types of content.

Want to make a QR code for free? You can do that if you find a good generator. Some even allow you to customize your code to match your brand, put your logo in it, use it to showcase your web design, and more.

Download the code from the best QR code generator, save it to your computer, and print it on your marketing collateral and everywhere the code is needed.

Ineffective Use of QR Codes to Avoid

Anything that does not involve easy scanning of QR codes is considered ineffective. It includes putting the codes on any of the following:

  • On moving objects, such as buses, trains, cars, shirts, or any apparel
  • On uneven surfaces or partially covered spots
  • On highway billboards, because the potential users are in moving cars
How to Make a QR Code

It is also ineffective if you use poorly printed QR codes, install them somewhere far from users, or put them in hard-to-focus areas. Before placing your QR code, ask yourself if it is easily accessible to viewers, test if various devices can scan them effectively, and check if the QR codes are correctly printed.

Another thing to consider is to use the right call to action. Otherwise, you will render your QR codes ineffective. If your code leads to a restaurant menu, your business's Instagram account, your website's landing page, or a sign-up page for your newsletter, give your users a heads-up about it in your CTA.

QR codes will only be effective if you design them correctly. Use dark, contrasting colors for the codes so smartphones and other devices can read them easily. The faster your device can read the code, the better it will be for your users.

Making the Most Out of QR codes

You can find many uses for QR codes, particularly if you want to improve your marketing strategies. But it would help if you found a QR code generator that makes easily scannable codes to render them effectively. It also helps if the code comes with a call to action, so people will know what it is supposed to do.

Here are a few uses for QR codes:

  • Generate leads

    You can put QR codes on flyers, brochures, business cards, or product packages that will direct users to a landing page. The page should have a copy that can convert users into buying customers or users who leave their personal information you can use for future marketing efforts.

How to Create a QR Code
  • Provide directions

    You can connect the code to redirect users to Waze or Google Maps with a pinned location of the destination.

  • Send messages

    The best free QR code generator can produce a code that can help users join a draw or register for a newsletter.

  • Access WiF

    Instead of giving individual users passcodes to the WiFi, you can ask them to scan a QR code.

  • Process payments

    Users can scan QR codes near the cash register to initiate payment processing. It will only take a few seconds or minutes to complete the transaction.

  • Improve security

    For tighter security, you can use QR codes as one of the two factors in two-factor authentication. Direct users on what the code is for with an easily understandable call to action.

  • Integrate mobile and desktop apps

    An excellent example of this QR code usage is how WhatsApp requires users to scan a QR code to link the desktop app to the user's WhatsApp account on their smartphone.

How to Make a QR Code

Do you now know how to make a QR code to your advantage? Use them as mentioned above and avoid wasting their edge through ineffective uses. Once you're ready, FormBot can help you generate codes as needed. Start using FormBot's form-building templates, incorporate them in QR codes, and make the most of them for your business now!

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