Best QR Code Generators for 2024

A Japanese company developed QR codes in 1994, but it was only around 2020 and 2021 that they became mainstream. They became famous as a part of conducting contactless transactions in businesses.

From restaurant menus to marketing campaigns, you can easily find QR codes. No wonder many companies are now looking for a reliable QR code generator with features that suit their needs.

Best QR Code Generators for 2024

There are many QR code generators, but you must pick the best one. Their features vary, so comparing them one by one would be a hassle. But if you want to try the best free QR code generator because you are still apprehensive about what it can do for you, you can start with the ones below.

1. The QR Code Generator

The QR Code Generator offers its features for free. It can provide dynamic codes without a fee because it gets its earnings from ads. Your QR code users can make do with watching an ad every time they scan your code.

The software also helps users like you monitor the statistics related to the codes you have generated. It shows how frequently your codes got scanned and where. You can also create and read as many QR codes as you like.

QR Code Generator

Fortunately, you can even personalize QR codes with different logos and colors. It also supports PDFs, URLs, email, contacts, and SMS.

2. QRStuff, the QR Code Creator

QRStuff does not require users to sign up to generate codes. It is a free QR code generator with codes you can use for commercial purposes. However, its free version only works with JPG and PNG formats and a limit of 50 times for scanning.

3. ZebraQR, the Best Free QR Code Generator

ZebraQR works best with small businesses, like restaurants and bars. They can generate codes for digital menus, which became a norm during the pandemic.

Since ZebraQR offers an unlimited number of color options and eight designs, these features make it the best QR code generator for businesses that want branding in their codes. It is also user-friendly, allowing users to introduce real-time changes to the code’s content and categorize their items.

ZebraQR’s premium plan has a few more features with dedicated support, while the free offer only counts on community support.

4. QRTiger, the QR Code Maker

QRTiger generates both dynamic and static QR codes. It offers free dynamic codes, but it imposes a 100-scan limit. Its free package allows users to create free QR code unlimited scans for the static and three active QR codes. You can enjoy more code generator features with the premium plan.

If your business uses CRM software, the QRTiger might be a suitable free QR code generator because you can integrate its codes into the CRM.

Best Free QR Code Maker

5. Shopify’s Best Free QR Code Generator

Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform with a free QR code generator. It requires you to provide your email address, preferred data type (which you can use to enter a phone number, SMS, text, or URL), and the content. However, it might not be the ideal code generator if you want more customization features for its content. The upside is it is entirely free to both Shopify and non-Shopify merchants.

6. QR-Code Generator

QR-Code Generator is one of the biggest names among QR code makers in the market today. It offers a free package that helps users generate static codes.

If you want a glimpse of what its advanced features can offer, you can use its 14-day free trial. Its paid plan allows you to show your logo on the code, display PDFs, encode several URLs, modify code designs, and monitor the codes’ statistics.

7. Visualead

Visualead has worked with big names, such as eBay and Unilever. It offers both free and paid plans. With its free plan, you can generate and manage three dynamic QR codes with a limit of up to 500 scans per code. You will also enjoy advanced QR code effects, visual codes, mobile landing pages, and animations. But if you want a QR code for print purposes, you need to subscribe to its paid plan.

FormBot, the Free QR Code Generator Unlimited Scans

Do you want to try a free QR code generator without committing to a subscription plan? Try Formbot. We have a free form builder you can use to create forms from scratch or hundreds of templates you can personalize to match your branding. It allows you to generate a QR code as well.

Check out FormBot today and start making it work for your business. Gather more data now with FormBot!

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