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More than 20 years ago, a Japanese company developed QR codes. Now, you can find these codes anywhere and for various purposes, from making payments to accessing websites.

Advantages of Scanning QR codes

Aside from the smartphone’s scan QR code feature, why should you start using QR codes for your organization? What will they bring to your customers? Here are a few benefits your customers can enjoy if you start generating QR codes for your business:

1.QR codes Are Eco-friendly

QR code users say they prefer scanning these codes because they promote sustainability. Many of them are millennials who are willing to pay more for the planet’s protection. To appeal to this consumer group, you should adapt QR codes. They will see it as an eco-friendly and tech-forward move, making you more appealing to their standards.

Scan QR Code

For instance, British Airways now offer flyers the option to scan QR codes instead of using boarding passes on paper. More businesses are doing the same thing in a bid to go paperless.

This move is evident in the 96% growth in QR from 2018 to 2020. It also reflects the businesses’ effort to meet the expectations of more eco-conscious groups of customers.

2.Scan QR Codes Improve Customer Engagement

Do you want to connect with your target customers better? A QR code generator can help you do that. You can give your customers different kinds of content, from informative articles to helpful recipes and even an entry to exclusive contests. These are possible with QR codes and can serve as an excellent tool to attract the younger demographics.

For instance, McDonald’s incorporated QR codes into their Happy Meals containers to promote an Avengers movie. When customers scan the code, it leads them to a page showing behind-the-scenes videos and other exclusive content.

A food company may include a QR code on their packaging. When scanned, it directs the customers to a recipe using their products. The code helps them engage their customers without spending much of their packaging on accommodating the recipe.

QR Codes Provide Convenience

If you scan the QR code, it only takes a few seconds to get the information embedded in it. You can quickly access its content on your phone.

It beats having to log in to a website, open an attachment to fill out a form, or swipe a card to pay for something. It is an excellent example of how convenient mobile payments can be.

In a big event, scanning QR codes to let people in is much quicker than asking for their tickets and checking each one. It can reduce the long lines at the entrance and lower the time the other customers spend standing around while waiting for their turns.

How to Scan QR Codes

4.QR Codes Support Multiple Marketing Activities

QR codes support different kinds of marketing activities. It is one of the best reasons for businesses to use codes.

You can stage interactive promotions by encouraging your customers to scan your QR code. It could be a contest, feedback collection, an event or product test registration, or a landing page for your products. Even better is that your marketing team can track all the scanning activities. It allows you to monitor how many people scanned your code, when they scanned it, and where they did it.

5.QR Code Scanning Is Growing Popular As a Payment Method

China has long used QR codes as a payment option, starting with WeChat and Alipay. They choose to scan a QR code on Chrome or any other channel because it is easy to use a QR code scanner.

India has also seen growth when it comes to QR code scanning. Businesses in the country put QR codes all over their shops and restaurants to encourage cashless payments from their customers.

QR code scanning could also be the other way around, wherein the customer opens their payment app after the cashier inputs the amount to be paid in their POS. The payment app displays a QR code linked to the customer’s card details. The cashier then scans the code and finalizes your digital payment.

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