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Google Poll Maker - When making a Google Poll, you can always use Google Forms Free Online and other alternative form makers. Here's some advice on how to build it on your own to get started.

How to Create Google Poll Forms?

  1. Go to Google drive or > proceed with Google Forms login using your Google account if asked to do so.
  2. Click the new icon and choose the Google Forms option.
  3. Create a blank Google form with a default single multiple-choice question.
  4. Start adding questions through the icons on the right side of the screen.

Free Poll Maker Google - Here are your options and their functions:

  1. Circle with a plus sign - add a new question.
  2. Paper with arrow - import questions from another source—could be another Google Form App you previously published
  3. A large and small T - add a text box to provide additional context to your question by writing a title and description.
  4. A square with two small triangles - add a new question that comes with an image.
  5. A rectangle with one triangle inside - add a new question that comes with a video.
  6. Two parallel rectangles - add a new section to your Free Poll Maker Google to differentiate it from other areas.

5. Depending on your type of question, respondents may answer in several ways. Using the dropdown menu inside the question box and clicking on the preferred answer type, here are your options:

Google Poll
  • Short answer - for one-line answers
  • Paragraph - for paragraph-length answers
  • Multiple choice - offers respondents multiple responses but only one correct answer.
  • Checkboxes - the audience can select several answers from a list.
  • Dropdown - presents respondents with a dropdown menu of options containing the correct answer.
  • File upload - the question must be answered by uploading an external file like a document or image.
  • Linear scale - presents your audience with a point on a numeric or qualitative scale—typically used in a Google Poll Maker customer service survey.
  • Multiple choice grid - respondents can mix and match answers from a grid.
  • Checkbox grid - the audience can choose multiple answers from a grid.
  • Date - to input a specific date
  • Time - to input a specific time

6. Click on the text "Option 1" and type whatever answer applies to your question.

7. Click on the "Add option" and type another answer option. Repeat this until you include all the selections you want to present to your respondents.

8. Click on the X icon if you want to delete it.

9. Click on the trash can icon found at the bottom of the question box if you want to delete a query.

10. Click on the Copy icon to duplicate a question.

11. Make responses required or optional by clicking on the slider labeled Required.

14. When you're happy with your poll content, you can edit the Confirmation message, which respondents will see when they complete the Google survey. Do this by clicking the More menu at the top of the screen.

15. Click Save.

Free Poll Maker Google

How to Share Your Google Poll From Your Google Forms App?

Once you finish creating your Google Poll, you can start sharing it with others in various ways. Click on the Send button in the upper-right corner of your form.

Free Poll Maker Google, Here are your sharing options:

  • Email the poll to specific recipients.
  • Click on the Email tab option.
  • Click in the field labeled To and input the email address(es) of your target poll recipient(s).
  • Optionally, you can include a message.
  • Click Send in the bottom-right; it will send the poll to all of your recipients.
  • Copy a link to the survey Google poll and post it anywhere.
  • Click on the Link tab option.
  • Click Copy at the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the field if you prefer a shorter version of the link.
  • Click Copy.
  • Paste the link anywhere for your audience to access the poll, such as social media.
  • Embed the poll into your website.
  • Click on the Embed HTML tab option.
  • Click Copy at the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • It will copy the Google poll's code from Google Poll Maker for you to embed on a website or a blog—this is done through the website's host site, such as WordPress.

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