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People use online form creators for different reasons. Some would leverage the tool to capture leads, while others would do market research or gather customer feedback.

When utilized correctly, a free-form creator can reap great benefits. It allows you to interact or engage with other people, and if you're a business, this could impact your conversion rate.

However, creating a form using codes can be difficult if you're not a techie person. It could take a lot of time due to its technicalities. The best online form builders can come to your rescue in times like this.

Different Types of Free Form Creators

Before discussing the different types of free form creators, let us share some tips when creating survey forms.

  1. Determine Your Goals
  2. Select An Online Form Creator
  3. Personalize Your Forms
  4. Request Their Demographic Information
  5. Ask for Contact Information

1. Determine Your Goals

What is the purpose of your web form? Is it to catch the attention of people and get leads? Or are you looking to get orders from customers? Identify your target audience and the type of information you want to get from them.

2. Select An Online Free Form Creator

Each online form builder is unique. Some may be free or affordable; however, they lack the features you need. For instance, you need to survey a thousand participants, but the free version only limits you to 100 responses. Take into consideration the different factors necessary for your campaign, and from this, you'll know which one best matches your needs.

Free Form Creator

3. Personalize Your Forms

Once you've chosen your form builder, you can begin designing your form. Personalize the title, description, background images, colors, and font. Ensure that it goes well with your organization's branding.

4. Request Their Demographic Information

If you're planning to generate leads through your web forms, you must learn about your target audience. As such, it would be best to ask specific questions such as age, gender, or location to get a better grasp of your prospects.

5. Ask for Contact Information

Having the contact information of your leads can be helpful at some point. For instance, if you want to offer them something or inform them of changes in your company; you can send them a message in their email. However, make sure that you only ask for an appropriate amount of contact details to preserve their privacy.

Here are some of the best online free-form creators in the market today.

4 Best Free Online Form Builder

HubSpot's Online Free Form Maker

HubSpot's online form builder uses advanced technology, and the best thing about it is it's free. You don't have to be knowledgeable when it comes to codes, as you can create through its drag-and-drop form builder. Once your custom forms get up and running, you can turn anonymous website visitors into qualified leads.

What's more, it connects automatically to your contact database. So when people send their responses, it goes directly to HubSpot CRM. Once you receive their contact details in your CRM system, you can send them personalized emails. It is an effective way to nurture relationships with your prospects.

WPForms, the Free Form Creator

This form builder application is perfect for beginners looking for WordPress plugins. It can make beautiful forms for your website by doing a few clicks. It offers templates and the usual features such as personalization, payment processing, and easy embedding. It also integrates with email marketing services and other third-party applications.

Free Online Form Builder

Google Forms, the Free Form Maker

Google Forms is probably the most commonly used form maker in recent years because of its popularity and ease of use.

This free form maker allows you to create multiple web forms and collect many submissions. It is part of the Google Docs suite so that you can integrate it directly into Google Sheets for easy analysis.

Although Google Forms do not give you a lot of freedom for personalization, they still get the job done for quick market surveys.

FormBot, the Best Free Form Builder

FormBot is a free form creator that has an intuitive visual editor. It makes building web forms uncomplicated. It gives you unique fields to input your questions and lets you customize your background. It enables you to edit the colors, font styling, and much more.

It integrates with payment collection tools, database storage, email marketing systems, and other applications for seamless processing.

FormBot offers multiple templates if you don't have the time for personalization. In addition, it provides you with a code that you can embed on your website to capture leads.

Skip all paperwork and automate the data collection process with FormBot! We offer a free trial for beginners and affordable plans for professionals looking to create web forms. Contact us today!

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