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The best online form builder is different for each organization. Every business has unique campaign goals, branding, and style-and not all form builders can meet their demands. Finding the right online form builder is crucial before creating a form and sharing it online. After all, if an online form does not suit your organization, it won’t be effective no matter how much resources you spend on it. So, in this article, we’d like to help enterprises of all sizes find the right form builder for their organization. Let’s start!

What is an Online Form?

An online form plays a vital role in an organization’s marketing efforts. Businesses use them to:
  • Capture leads
  • Get insights into the latest industry updates and trends
  • Do a data-backed market research
  • Get customer feedback
  • Drive leads to the website
  • Make prospect leads subscribe to the newsletter
It is essential because a business can reach out to their leads, nurture them, and eventually turn them into actual customers through an online form.
Best Online Form Builder

How to Create a Free Online Form?

As mentioned, businesses have different goals in making online forms. Hence, the process of building them could be unique when compared to each other too. For instance, WordPress users would need to find a form builder that offers easy plugins to their platforms, ensuring that everything will work well when it goes live on their website. It is also advisable to choose a cloud-based tool and embed the form directly on their site. Meanwhile, organizations with no websites and want to gather leads would be satisfied with a contact form. It will be easier to collect essential data to improve products and services. An organization’s budget will also be a deal-breaker in creating an online form, as some might want a free online form builder. In contrast, others are willing to pay for a subscription plan for comprehensive features. Of course, both free software and paid tools have different processes for creating an online form. Creating an online form is easy as long as you choose a form builder that sports drag-and-drop navigation. This feature makes it easier for creators or owners to customize their web form if allowed. Creators can also choose from a wide range of templates offered by online form builders, making the process a lot more efficient than coding it.

5 Best Online Form Builders of 2024

  • HubSpot
  • AidaForm
  • 123FormBuilder
  • JotForm
  • FormBot
Pricing: Free, paid plans starting at $50 per month.

AidaForm, the Free Form Builder

Free Online Form Builder Software
It could be the best online form builder for you if your organization wants some of the best templates available without spending a lot of resources. All of them are available on the free plan. Moreover, its free version delivers 100 responses a month, unlimited forms and surveys, unlimited fields, and up to two subdomains. Key features:
  • Offers a wide range of templates
  • Unlimited forms
  • two subdomains
Pricing: Free, paid plans starting at $9 per month.

123FormBuilder, the Best Online Form Builder

Meanwhile, 123FormBuilder comes with a clean interface and live chat support. These features ensure that even beginners with zero web dev skills can quickly build an online form. However, it also gives creators the option to code their own in CSS. Key features:
  • CSS options
  • Automation
  • Payment processing options
Pricing: Free, paid plans starting at $24.99 per month.

JotForm, the Best Form Maker Tool

Meanwhile, if you want to nurture your respondents more, JotForm could be the best online form builder. It allows owners to set up a series of essential autoresponder emails sent to respondents. You can also integrate it with your existing email marketing provider. Key features:
  • Embedded, pop-up, lightbox forms
  • Wide range of templates
  • Autoresponders
Pricing: Free, paid plans starting at $29 per month.

FormBot, the Best Online Form Builder Software

FormBot is an easy-to-use best online form builder that allows creators to choose a template that matches their campaign goals. It also comes with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, allowing creators to personalize their design even without code. It helps organizations save resources, as they don’t have to tap a professional web developer to build a form that flaunts the correct branding and style. Moreover, owners can easily share their FormBot-made forms with the target audience, as they can embed them on their website or share their link on social media. It can also help organizations better understand their products and services, as FormBot can work as their data collector. It is possible because it offers seamless integration, allowing owners to analyze and act on their collected data. Are you looking for the best online form builder to create forms? FormBot is worth considering! Discover how we can build an online form that suits your organization and campaign. What’s more, organizations like yours don’t need to sign-up or input their credit card details to get started. Online Form Builder Solution Free Form Builder Form Builder Software

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