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Creating survey forms is a must-have for businesses and organizations to obtain customer feedback, capture leads, and collect data. But which free survey maker should you use? Here are the top 10 free survey tools you can try to make as many survey forms as you like:

Top 10 Best Free Survey Makers 2023

1. HubSpot Form Builder

HubSpot Form Builders works best if you want a pop-up survey form. It allows users to make survey forms that pop up from the top of the page or in overlays on specific pages. You can also format some web forms to pop up from either side of the page.

HubSpot Form Builder is built into its free CRM. Every piece of data collected is automatically saved into your CRM. Once a user submits a survey form, it sends a follow-up email to that respondent or notifies your team about the new lead.

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2. SurveySparrow Free Survey Maker

The free SurveySparrow, the best Free Survey creator’s plan allows users to add ten questions per survey and collect 100 responses per month. It works well with HubSpot and embeds its survey form on a particular page.

SurveySparrow is the best free survey maker for those who want mobile-friendly, user-friendly, and engaging forms. It also makes survey forms with a conversational UI, giving respondents a chat-like experience and boosting completion rates by 40 percent.

3. Typeform, the Free Survey Creator

Typeform is a free survey tool lauded for its creative survey forms. It aims to create user-friendly, easy, and beautiful web forms. Its free version offers excellent features, such as unlimited questions and answers, basic reporting, data export, and custom design themes or templates.

Typeform's embedded response feature lets you forge a sense of familiarity among customers. For instance, if a respondent provides their first name, the following questions will include that name.

4. Google Forms

Users love Google Forms for its user-friendly and intuitive processes. You can add or edit form fields more quickly than other online free survey creators. It also adjusts its answer field automatically according to whether you have a multiple-choice or open-ended question.

Google Forms come with 11 field types, conditional logic, and validation checks. It also allows respondents to upload files, which will then be stored in Google Drive. Teammates can also edit the forms in real-time for easier collaboration. New responses come with notification emails, gathered as a report, and collated for filtering or sorting on Google Sheets.

5. SurveyMonkey, Free Survey Maker

SurveyMonkey offers a free version that allows for ten questions, 15 question types, 40 responses per survey, and minor theme customizations and templates. It is a free survey maker app known for its huge bank of pre-written questions. If you enter a keyword in its Question Bank, you will get pre-written questions that you can add to your form.

6. Microsoft Forms, the Free Survey Creator

Microsoft Forms is free but powerful. It has the same features as Google Forms, but its Microsoft Excel integration offers users more extensive data analysis features to create free online surveys.

Microsoft Forms is easy to use. Just add a question, pick what answer format you need and put in the options. To distribute the form, embed it on your page or send its link to the respondents. Responses are gathered in Excel or from the Microsoft Forms interface for further analysis and data visualization.

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7. Jotform, Free Online Survey Maker

Jotform is a free survey maker that offers more than 10,000 templates under different categories to create free online surveys. Users can sort through the available templates by survey type or industry, like healthcare, education, or marketing. You can also find the specific form you need by typing its name or relevant keyword on the search box.

Templates are provided, but you can tweak them according to what you need, thanks to its drag and drop editor. Once done with the changes, you can publish the form, send the link, get a fillable PDF, or embed its code on your website.

8. Cognito Forms, Free Survey Creator

Cognito Forms has advanced features even for its free version, including creating an unlimited number of forms and payment acceptance via Stripe. Its limit is 500 responses every month, and until then, you can make forms for free. Cognito Forms also calculates totals, divides forms by logic sections, and generates a PDF document as a receipt for the respondents.

9. Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey lets users make up to three forms and accept 500 responses every month. It also has a rich bank of template questions as users can add over 25 question types, making it a generous free online survey maker. Zoho Survey is ideal for users who need to create many forms.

10. FormBot, the Free Survey Maker

FormBot, the online form creator offers unlimited forms but with limited storage of 10MB for its free version. Paid versions offer more storage and advanced features, such as collecting payments, easy integrations, and data analysis capabilities. It is intuitive to use, especially with its extensive choice of templates. You can build a form by simply dragging and dropping elements.

Collect as much user data as you need from your customer base and use the right free survey maker to do it. Give FormBot, the best online free survey creator a try, whether you want to create a form from scratch or tweak templates to do it. Create Free Online Survey Forms now!

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