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Sparking people's interest in your product or service is called lead generation. It is a crucial part of building your customer base.

Form Makers as Lead Generation Tools

We will discuss in this article some techniques on how to generate leads and grow your company. We'll also cover how you can use a form maker to attract leads.

Understanding Leads

A lead is a person who takes an interest in your company and its offerings. A business starts receiving leads once it opens communication (e.g., submitting personal details in exchange for an offer, trial, or subscription) instead of getting cold calls from a company that bought their contact information.

For instance, you filled up an online form to receive a discount from a shop. After this, the company emails you a coupon. This process is less intrusive than if they contact you out of nowhere, asking if you're interested in their product.

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From a business perspective, the online form you answered allows companies to personalize their interaction with you. Rather than hard-selling a product, they subtly advertise by addressing your current issues or providing freebies.

When a random person starts engaging with your business, the transition from stranger to consumer looks more organic. Attracting audiences and converting them into leads is beneficial for your business.

The Role of Form Maker Software in the Lead Generation Process

How does the lead generation process happen? Let us walk you through the steps.

  1. Users search for a business/service that offers the product they need.
  2. They discover your company through a search engine. Upon clicking, they will get redirected to your website or social media page.
  3. They click on a call-to-action (CTA) button that prompts visitors to take action.
  4. The CTA will take them to a landing page or a web page that captures lead information in exchange for an offer. The offer may be an ebook, a discount, or anything that could be valuable to a visitor.

Most businesses use form makers for landing pages. They embed these custom forms on their website, where visitors can fill them up.

Lead Generation Marketing Channels

You can use several promotional channels to drive traffic to your website and get leads. Let's dive into some of them in this section.


You can guide users to a landing page by posting relevant content. You can create articles that contain information that may be useful to the reader. You can put call-to-action buttons anywhere in your content. If visitors are pleased with your post, they are likely to click it and move to your landing page.


Email is a superb way to reach out to those already familiar with your brand. Since they're already on your mailing list, it's much easier to ask them to take action. Emails might be disorganized, so try to utilize CTAs with clear language and an eye-catching design.

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The goal of promotions is to introduce your company or product to the public. You would want them to take action to get your money's worth. If you're going to convert visitors into paying customers, make sure that your landing page offers what you promised and that the action you want users to take is comprehensible.

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Writing articles to educate people regarding your product can position you as the top resource for your audience should the need arises. The richer details your blog posts are, the more favorable you will be in search engine results rankings. In turn, you can attract more visitors.

How do you ensure that you won't lose any leads? Using professional form makers can help you produce customized online forms where visitors can send their details.

Social Media

Social media can pave the way for your followers to take action. You can promote products on your posts and include a call-to-action in your caption. Users can click on the link and bring you to your website.

Product Trials

Offering samples or trial versions of your product or service can help you overcome many sales barriers. Once a prospect becomes interested in your product, you can lure them with further incentives or resources to persuade them to purchase. Another effective strategy is to put your logo in your free versions to attract additional potential consumers.

Referral Marketing

Word-of-mouth is a traditional method that remains to be a great lead generator. Getting your brand in front of people can increase your chances of getting noticed.

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