Microsoft Forms 2023

Data is an invaluable asset. It allows businesses to improve their products, healthcare systems to experience breakthroughs, and government agencies to work more effectively.

To aggregate data, there are various tools and techniques you can use. In connection with this, Microsoft is improving its offerings to provide the best services to its users. One of its addition to the Office 365 Suite is Microsoft Forms, which aims to get customer feedback and opinions.

Microsoft Forms enable you to build surveys, quizzes, polls, and questionnaires. It consolidates responses, analyzes them, and uses this data to represent results visually.

Businesses are putting this in their arsenal of tools to get real-time responses from their customers. It also allows them to understand what their audience wants and collect payments from them securely when needed.

Microsoft Forms 2023: How To Collect Data

Here's how to get started with Microsoft Forms. First off, sign in to Microsoft Forms with your login credentials, and then on the home page, select the New Form Button.

It has a default title, "Untitled Form," that you can modify as well as a description field that lets you add information or instructions about the form.

To put in your query, click on the Add Question button. As soon as the new question appears, you can select the different question types, such as multiple-choice, text, or rating.

Microsoft Forms

After adding all the questions, you can check the final output by clicking the Preview button. This feature can validate if the form appears user-friendly on various devices.

You can share the online form with your respondents easily. After collecting data, Microsoft Forms can create visualizations to exhibit results and draw conclusions. The Responses tab lets you see a summary of responses in a breeze.

There are various visualizations to choose from: a pie chart, an average, or individual answers. For instance, a pie chart may best explain the results of multiple-choice questions. Meanwhile, answers to qualitative questions may be in sentence or paragraph form, and the visualization of results will appear as individual answers.

Microsoft Forms Features

This online form builder offers different functionalities. It can gather sensitive data securely, but you need to be conscious of some details. Experts recommend that users connect their forms with OneDrive groups instead of individual accounts. You can also protect data by restricting access to authorized personnel only.

Microsoft Forms templates have different designs, which fit numerous occasions. Whether you're making a survey form, an RSVP form, a course evaluation survey, or an employee feedback survey, it got you covered.

It also has a conditional logic feature, which allows you to customize your questions based on how the respondent answers. You can modify and style it in the way that makes the most sense for your form.

Another benefit of Microsoft Forms is it saves the data you collect and transfers it directly to an Excel file. It allows users to analyze information automatically, skipping the laborious work of retyping responses.

Microsoft Forms enables users to work together in a single form. When you require all hands on deck, your team can collaborate seamlessly to finish a task quickly. Several team members will have all the information they need from the same audience without asking someone. Collaboration is vital to keep everyone on the same page all the time.

What Events or Activities Can Microsoft Forms Be Useful?

Microsoft Forms is very easy to use. It lets you create forms, such as polls, surveys, quizzes, product orders, and many more. After designing your web form, you can share it with your target audience and evaluate their responses in real-time using the built-in analytics display.

Microsoft Forms Features

You can use Microsoft Forms for different purposes. Government agencies and private entities often utilize online survey forms to gather data or communicate information to the people they serve.

Here are some of the typical occasions where you can use Microsoft Forms.

  • Creating a quiz for students
  • Making a simple business order application
  • Assess employee satisfaction
  • Enables people to register for an event
  • Allow customers to send feedback

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