Free Online Form Creator 2024

Researchers and marketers are always looking for tools to lighten up their data collection burden. Thankfully, form creators are an excellent platform for gathering information.

They provide a simple way to produce online questionnaires, collect customer feedback or do academic research. Often, they have drag and drop functionality, so users don’t need to learn to code.

What is the Best Form Creator in 2024

Form creators (free and paid) are versatile, making them perfect for any purpose. If you own a business and want to know which areas to improve on, you can use surveys to understand your customers’ points of view. Students can also use them for research projects.

Years ago, online form creators used to provide plain pages. But today, various form builders go beyond what we see as straightforward. They have evolved in functionality and looks, allowing users to be more creative when making web forms.

When choosing an online form, you must look at its features and prices. For sure, out of the hundreds of programs on the market, there’s something that would match your preferences. Before buying one, read this post and be enlightened about the different options available for you.

Form Creator

Typeform, the free online form maker

If you want to up your form design game, Typeform is here to make well-structured answer sheets. They create a smooth interface to make respondents stick around for long, even when the questions seem to be modestly formatted.

Make engaging web forms with the help of photos, videos, and GIFs. Utilizing them can subtly pique the interests of visitors and encourage them to answer all questions. Typeform also gives you the freedom to decorate your welcome screen. It integrates seamlessly with other apps such as Google Sheets and MailChimp, extending its functionality further.

Formstack, the Form Builder

It is a form builder and data collection program that caters to businesses. With its wealth of features, it can create advanced forms. It provides conditional logic, A/B testing, and integration with payment processors and other sales software tools. However, take note that Formstack doesn’t have a free plan.

Formstack plans have set limits on the number of submissions they can store in the database. If it overflows, it will redirect new responses to your email.

Formsite, the form creator

It is a secure online form maker that collects sensitive data. It boasts multiple features such as encryption form submission and the ability to save survey responses and return to them afterward.

Users can easily create forms without facing significant technical issues with its drag and drop interface. It also includes data visualization tools to turn the collected data into graphs, tables, and custom reports.

Form Maker


It is a robust form builder that harnesses usability and collaboration. This form builder enables multiple users to create the form simultaneously. It provides templates and tools so you can make the design process as easy as possible. However, it is a bit steeper in price than its competitors.

Jotform does app integrations with most business software. If you want to receive notifications when someone answers your web form, you can connect it with Slack or Google. For data collection, you can integrate it with Dropbox or Google Drive. Paypal or Square also works well for payment processing.

Google Forms, the free online form maker

This form creator is available for free for individuals and businesses holding a Google account. It provides several templates to choose from and a way for team members to collaborate in creating the form. You can make as many online forms as you like, making it one of the best free form builders on the market.

However, it falls behind in some aspects. It has limited types of questions, the survey logic needs more improvement, and there isn’t much freedom to customize the overall look of the form.

Google Forms have simple question types that include multiple-choice, drop-down, and short answers. It also allows respondents to upload a file when necessary on your form. However, it can’t accept payments through your web forms. There are also no image or video-based questions and hierarchical menus if you want to delve deeper into a topic.

Form Creator Free: FormBot

It is another form creator that offers hundreds of templates and a drag-and-drop builder. You don’t need codes to set up a survey form through this program.

There are easy-to-access tools if you want to design the answer sheets in a no-frills-kind-of-way. Its customizability can produce more attractive web forms that convert more leads.

Create Custom Online Forms with Free Online Form Creator

The forms it creates are easily embeddable on any website, and they can integrate with a wide range of platforms. It collaborates with data storage applications and payment processors for fast data analysis and transactions.

They offer a free trial but with a maximum of 10 MB storage. Paid plans start at $1.99. Click here to create your first online form!

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