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When you create a survey, you're laying down a platform to gather definite responses to get actionable insights. However, you need to be meticulous when building surveys.

You must remember that they are only considered reasonable if they ask relevant questions. Failure to write comprehensive and understandable questions can affect the quality of the answer you wish to receive.

Here's How To Write Questions When You Create A Survey

To design an effective survey, you must write well-thought-out questions that would keep your audience engaged. It translates to active participation and effective data collection.

How to Create a Survey Free And Ask Excellent Questions

How do you write eloquent questions? Here are some tips to consider.

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Practice Conciseness and Clarity

Use words that ordinary people know and clarify your interpretation of the question. Imagine writing for an elementary level so your general audience will understand.

Provide Complete Details

Be specific about your questions. Do not leave your respondents wondering, guessing, or making assumptions about the details you need. If you want to know their social media habits, you can ask them how much time they spend scrolling through Facebook or Instagram.

Put Sections in Your Online Form

Divide your online form into sections so respondents won't be too overwhelmed by the amount of information they need to take in. You can segment them into a series of questions.

Instead of asking directly how the visitors feel about your service, you may ask about specific topics like the product quality, customer relations, delivery times, and ambiance of the place.

Give Enough Choices

Survey participants cannot proceed to the next part of the form if they can't answer a question due to limited choices. For instance, when asking about their age groups, you can give options such as 10-19 years old, 20-29 years old, 30-39 years old, etc. Make sure that the numbers do not overlap.

Create An Overall Survey Strategy

When there is a unified objective and strategy behind a survey, it will be more successful. Respondents may become perplexed if the questions appear random or cover a wide range of unrelated topics. Choose a theme you wish to include in the survey first, and then write the questions. You should place queries on the same subject in one section.

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Utilize Varying Form Field Types

You may choose among the different types of response types: multiple-choice, checkboxes, open-ended questions, and rating scales. Select one that best fits your query.

Use the Funnel Technique to Create a Survey

Start asking broad questions that respondents can answer quickly. Simple questions like this can ease their pressure. After that, proceed to complex questions and end with uncomplicated ones.

Keep Questions Short

The complexity of the survey impacts the percentage of people who will finish it. In most cases, people are unwilling to devote much time to completing long questionnaires. Aim for a few quick questions that the respondent can answer in less than five minutes.

Apply Conditional Logic When Necessary

Conditional logic sets the rules or conditions for what will happen after answering a particular question. For example, you can only proceed to the next section if your demographics or credentials meet the requirements set by the survey creator.

What To Avoid When Doing Survey Questions

When writing your survey questions, avoid doing these things as they could affect your data collection. Here's what you need to remember when building your survey.

Do Not Be Biased

The questions you have to include must not make assumptions about individual experiences or identities. Make them distinct and clear.

Avoid Leading Questions

Do not phrase your questions in a way that will prompt respondents to give specific answers. For instance, instead of directly asking customers if they are satisfied with your service, try to use the Likert scale.

Check For Mistakes While Creating a Survey

Be professional and check each survey question. Proofreading can help you avoid common errors like run-on sentences, double negatives, and missing punctuation marks.

Easiest Way To Create A Survey: Utilize User-friendly Survey Tools

You can collect any form of data from your target audience if you leverage appropriate tools and understand how to develop intelligent survey questions. Thankfully, you can tap online form builders like FormBot to optimize the user experience and have significant survey results.

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