What are Form Fields and How to Use Them?

Online form builders are among the best applications developed in this modern age. They help create contact forms, registration forms, or surveys, enabling you to gather the data you need without face-to-face interactions.

Form Fields Meaning

An essential element of form makers is form fields. This article will explain what they are and how they can benefit as you complete your own.

What are Forms? Explain Different Form Fields

Form fields are the building blocks of online forms. They let you collect data from people who fill up your answer sheet. Most form makers include different field types to put your title and objectives and ask various questions.

Form Field Elements

Here are some HTML form elements that you will likely encounter when you create your questionnaires or survey forms:

Title and Description

This form field type is added automatically to every online form. However, you should note that some description boxes are hidden by default. Leave them blank if you’re not keen on putting any title or description. You have to make sure that the main form block is filled in.
Form Fields

Short Answer

You can ask for small pieces of information here. It may be a name, an email address, or age. You have one line of text where respondents can answer the query. To guarantee that the answers are complete, you can input text, numbers, etc. It employs validation techniques. Number validation can control a range of values, while text validation can see whether they input the proper email addresses or links.


Like the short answer field, this form field type asks for a text value but with a longer character limit. The data validations available here include length and regular expression. You can use them to receive detailed feedback or more extended notes in their answers.

Multiple Choice

Multiple choice lets you list down the possible answers to your questions. You can allow respondents to jump to another section based on their responses. You may also shuffle answer options to avoid partiality.


This field enables you to put a series of choices, and users can select more than one. You may require users to tick off a certain number of options. Some form makers may offer section jumps while others don’t.


Do you want all of the answers in a dropdown menu? You can use this form field type. It’s similar to multiple-choice, but it’s in a dropdown list box. It keeps your online form clean and compact, especially when there are many choices.
what are forms? explain different form fields.

Linear Scale

This form field type allows respondents to choose a number within a set limit. The linear scale may range from 0 to 10, and you can put labels for the options, from lowest to highest.


This field type will be helpful if you’re creating a form to let users reserve a time slot or if you’re asking for their birthdate. Your respondents can use a dropdown box to choose a specific date or time. The date format for the US version is set as Month/Date/Year, while UK versions may show Date/Month/Year. You can change it if necessary.

Form Sections

Simple contact forms do not need a lot of form fields, but longer surveys may look overloaded if it contains more than ten questions per page. Dividing them into sections can help break them into tiny pieces, so your respondents won’t get overwhelmed. Each section that you add may include its title and description. You can drag and drop elements to rearrange them.

Conditional Logic

Your respondents can skip some questions if these are not relevant to their previous answers. For example, you want to ask the respondent how many tickets he wants to buy. Now, he won’t need to answer this if he’s not attending the event. The respondent can proceed to the following query with the conditional logic function without answering specific questions. You can add optional questions or add a section jump. Ensure that the people who shouldn’t see the questions are given alternate questions in another section. You may also send them to the end of the online form if there’s nothing else to ask.

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