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Researchers often use online form builders to create and administer surveys due to their fast turnaround. If your goal is to get customers' opinions on your product or service, then a survey could give you an idea of what aspects to improve.

Surveys can represent the insightful ideas of the majority of the population. It provides accurate results from which people can draw conclusions and make crucial decisions.

Best Google Survey Creator

One tool that you can use today is Google Survey Maker. It is easy to use for online data collection and boasts different features, including Google forms templates and conditional logic.

How to Create a Google Survey

Here are some things to remember whenever you create a Google form.

How to Make Google Survey Form

  1. Begin by going to Google Forms homepage
  2. Select Blank form or choose a ready-made template from the library.
  3. Input your question and opt for the response type that you prefer (multiple-choice, dropdown, short answer, paragraph, linear scale, etc.)
  4. On the floating menu on the right side, you can click + to add another question.
  5. After adding your last question, you may click the Preview button to check if the final output is ready for publishing.
  6. Lastly, click the Send button to share with your target audience.

Simply put, an online form is essential in any organization because it helps reach the target audience, nurture them, and strengthen relationships without overdoing anything. Organizations create a data-backed business move through an online form, allowing them to improve their products and services according to what their customers currently want and need.

Google Survey Creator

Google Forms App Advanced Tips

After going over the instructions on the Google survey Maker, it's time to optimize your forms. It will teach you how to execute a perfectly-designed form and collect meaningful survey data.

Embed On Your Website

If you want your customers to see your survey quickly, you can insert a link or embed it on your website. It can conveniently catch people's attention and ask for their opinions.

To put your online form into your site, follow these:
  • Click the Send button at the upper right part of the Google Forms page
  • Choose the Embed HTML icon that looks like this
  • On the Embed HTML tab, click Copy
  • Paste the code on your website HTML editor

Conditional Logic

Another thing that you would want to apply in your Google survey is conditional logic. It enables you to ask respondents a unique set of questions based on their previous answers.

For instance, if a respondent says he works full-time, he will be directed to a question for full-time employees and not freelancers. You can do conditional logic or logic branching work by breaking your survey into separate sections.

To apply conditional logic:
  1. Click the "Add question" section from the menu bar on the right side of the form. You can add various areas, depending on your planned questionnaire.
  2. Select the three-dotted icon to write the description of the said section and then click "Go to section-based answer."
  3. Find the area you want to direct your respondents based on their answers in the dropdown box.

Change the Background Color of Your Form with Google Survey Creator

After setting up the questions on your survey form, you can proceed to the modification of the background color. It would be best to choose something relatable to your business branding.

At the upper-right part of the screen, you can see four buttons. From here, you'll notice a paint board icon that allows you to select among different color options. Choose the color that fits your style, and the background color of your Google survey form will change.

If you're not sure which theme design to apply to your survey, you can select among the pre-made ones. Click on the Header, and a pop-up window will open. You can see various theme categories such as Work and School, Birthday, Food and Dining, Party, Just Kids, Wedding, Night Out, and Sports and Games.

Google Survey Maker

Alternatively, you can also upload your preferred photo for the Header. Based on the image provided, it will automatically select the background color of the survey form.

Create Google Survey with Google Survey Maker

Organizations can make better decisions if they know what their customers want. The best way to do it is by asking it straight for them. It is a strategic way to get feedback from your target audience.

Many companies use the Google forms app to gather data and information. It allows them to understand better the public's perception regarding their products or services.

Final Thoughts - Google Survey Maker

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