5 Best Free Online Form Builders with Database 2024

  • FormBot
  • Cognito Forms, the Free Online Form Maker
  • HubSpot Form
  • Zoho Forms
  • Jotform

Free Online Web Application Form Builders with Database

Marketing specialists are always looking for new tools to keep them at the forefront of digital marketing innovation. One of the latest tools that have become a part of their arsenal is a free online form builder with database. Integrating them with other instruments can help develop a valuable sales funnel. Form builders and their products, online forms, now dominate a marketer’s toolbox to capture leads and drive conversions on their web platform. Choosing the right one to use in your organization can help you build a strong foundation for client relationships. If you’re searching for the best form builder with a database for your company, we’ve gathered some of the highly-rated software that you can consider. We highlighted their outstanding features, so you’ll know which suits your business best.

1. FormBot, the Digital Form Creator

For a great form builder with a database, you can watch out for FormBot. It has an intuitive interface that uses a drag-and-drop editor to create your fields. Having a customized form enables you to get more engagement and submissions. You may also choose from over a hundred templates to entice your intended audiences. It also collects data and analyzes them appropriately. If you want to try this free online form builder with database, sign up with us and be on the front line once we officially release the program!

2. Cognito Forms, the Free Online Form Maker

Cognito Forms have a wide range of tools in its kit. They offer data encryption, secure payments, save-and-resume, multi-page forms, and reporting tools.
Free Online Form Builder with Database
Whatever the purpose of your form is, they have a template for you. Cognito’s template categories range from customer service to human resources to government and many more. Building forms with Cognito is easy with its intuitive editor. It is beginner-friendly despite some quirks in the interface. Like other form generators, it also uses a drag-and-drop editor, enabling you to modify fields easily. In addition, this form builder software comes with a database and can be integrated with Zapier for more functions. Are you too busy to customize your form? Cognito can create your document in just a few minutes. It includes electronic signatures, save-and-resume, and data encryption. If you have questions about its features, you can submit a support request from 8 am to 5 pm EST.

3. HubSpot Form, the best online form builders

HubSpot’s form builder software is a free tool in HubSpot’s marketing platform. It comes with other functionalities, such as customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing, reports, and live chat. The majority of HubSpot features target marketers, so they are more suitable for customer relations than for handing surveys or quizzes. They only have a few pre-made templates, but they’re pretty much mobile-responsive and nicely designed. It allows you to put different form fields such as preferred language, salutation, and the like. You can also set multiple checkboxes, dropdown lists, text (single/multi-line), date picker, and file upload in your electronic form. The best feature of this free online form builder with database is its smart forms that decide which form to display to your specific website visitor based on their locations and profile.
Online Web Application Form Builder

4. Zoho Forms, the free online form maker

As a cloud-based online form maker, Zoho enables you to develop answer sheets from scratch or templates. Its remarkable features include electronic signature, accepting payments, and third-party integrations. Zoho’s well-designed interface lets you add, remove, or arrange form fields using a drag-and-drop editor. It also has a mobile app to create and edit forms on the move. Data organization and process are a breeze with this form builder with a database. You can register for a free plan to collect up to 500 responses per month and accept at least ten payments via Paypal or Stripe.

5. Jotform, the Database Form Builder

One of the best online form builders today is Jotform. Compared to its competitors, this tool has progressed immensely over the years when adding features. It boasts of its widgets, payment integration, and regulations compliance. Despite being a heavyweight in function, it remained simple with its interface, perfect for beginners. If you’re collecting data, file uploads, or payments, you don’t have to worry about all of these as they are kept secured in Jotform’s cloud database. It is protected with a 256-bit SSL connection and complies with most regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA. Jotform offers paid and free form builders and is available in various languages. You may get this online form without submitting credit card details, but you only get a limited number of documents and submissions. However, if you’re opting for the paid plans, you must prepare your wallets. You may choose between Bronze (25 forms), Silver (100), and Gold (unlimited forms). Their prices are $24, $29, and $79, respectively.

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