Free Press Release Template

Businesses need to create a buzz to gain more visibility. The question is, how will they execute it? Customers aren't using newspapers, magazines, or radio as much as before. Instead, they check their social media for the latest updates.

What is a Press Release and How To Write It

That said, leveraging the internet to promote your brand is crucial. Releasing a regular sequence of valuable news regarding your company can help you build public awareness over time. You can share press releases through your website or social media platforms.

What Is A Press Release Template?

When talking about public relations, one thing that comes to mind is news releases. While it may be a familiar term to some, others don't know how to use it.

A press release is a statement that individuals or companies share with the public regarding an event, circumstance, product lunch, etc. It is usually provided to the media through various means.

Press releases aim to communicate with the audience, whether for an announcement, promotion, or clarification of issues. It follows a particular format, but they all serve the same purpose:

  • To inform the media of an event and hope they will help them spread the word
  • To share a new product or service
  • To promote the business through blogs, websites, and social networks
Free Press Release Template

How to Write A Press Release

1. Catchy Headline

If you need to announce something, you can put it into words and share it with your community through a press release.

Similar to writing an essay or blog post, creating a successful press release is determined by your headline. While you only need to make a one-liner, it must be compelling enough to be noticed.

Here are some tips to remember:

  • Use an active voice.
  • Be direct and specific.
  • Practice conciseness.
  • Make it interesting.

People read many reports and statements daily, so you must write something captivating at one glance.

Free News Release Template

2. Make It Sound Like A Valuable Piece of Information

For a press release to be newsworthy, you must catch readers' attention and give them a reason to care.

One way to achieve this is by writing using a reverse pyramid formula. It means first touching on the most critical subject to the least vital one.

The first paragraph of your post must say the event's who, what, and where. The second paragraph must discuss the why.

People dislike spending time sifting through details and complex background information. They need to know the basic facts from an authoritative figure.

3. Share A Quote

After setting up the basics of your statement, it's time to add some quotes that will prove its authenticity. It will add context to your announcement and help people understand how this news will affect the industry or your customer base.

Typically, the quotes taken are from main stakeholders in your company or a representative of those your announcement will directly impact.

Include some quotes from key figures and authorities to make your piece more relevant. Make sure that it will enhance your narrative and highlight the core of your announcement.

You may select one or two essential people and let them discuss their unique perspectives.

4. Provide Background Information On The Press Release Sample

In the last paragraph, share more information that will build up your narrative further, like creative ways your business has developed the project. You may also comment on how this announcement will affect your business.

If you are citing other references, you may include a link to the data source and ensure that every name mentioned in the press release is also added.

Before sending or posting it, ask a colleague to read it without context and relay the information back to you. This way, you'll know if your target audience will understand it. If not, you have to revise and improve it.

Free Press Release Template Samples from FormBot

Press release templates will enable you to announce a product launch, partnership, or change within your organization. It also guides you in creating alternatives for the traditional news release. You'll have everything you need to raise brand recognition and stand out from the crowd.

FormBot, the sample press release template provider can help you deliver an effective campaign to achieve more for your business. Our library of templates will allow you to capture and manage data so you can finish more things in a short time. Our integration and automation abilities can keep your workflows seamless.

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