Letter of Recommendation Template

Individuals write a letter of recommendation for someone who deserves praise. They write it on behalf of the applicant to vouch for that person's educational or professional merits.

It is usually sent to an admissions officer or human resources staff evaluating candidates for admission, employment, or scholarship.

How to Write a Professional Letter of Recommendation

Writing down feedback isn't always an easy process. It can be challenging to think about how you will explain to other people the positive aspects of your candidate. Aside from that, there are particular things that you want to discuss in your endorsement letter.

A letter of recommendation template can ensure that you will cover everything – from top to bottom – and present it in the best light possible. To get more tips on how to format your recommendation letter template, we will share some inspiration with you.

Letter of Recommendation Template

Types of Recommendation Letters

You can make a recommendation letter template for the following people:

  • Students
  • Employee
  • Business
  • Coworker

Professional Letter of Recommendation Template Free Format

Heading and Greeting

This part should bear your information as well as a greeting or introduction. Include your name, title, company or school name, and address.

If you know who you will send this letter to, make sure to use a salutation, such as "Dear Dr. McBright." However, if you're making a general note, you can just put "To Whom It May Concern" or skip the salutation.

Recommendation Letter Template

The Body of the Letter

In this section, explain how you know the applicant, your expertise, the applicant's relevant skills, and how they can relate to the recipient.

In the first paragraph of your letter, explain your connection to the person you are vouching for, including how you know them and why you are ideal to recommend a person for a company or school.

The second paragraph should elaborate on the individual's traits, the reason why they are qualified to be admitted, what they can contribute to the company, and why you are generally recommending them.

If there was a project where the candidate excelled or data you can share about their performance, you might include those here. You should also include how the person's abilities match the position they want to have.

To know what they are targeting precisely, you may ask for a copy of the person's resume and the job posting.

Closing Part

This section is where you summarise and conclude your recommendation letter template. Try to highlight the best parts of the person here.

You may include a personal anecdote and a summary of the whole letter. Use phrases like "highly recommend" or "nothing short of exemplary" to strengthen your endorsement.

The conclusion should also include your name, signature, phone number, and email address.

Tips When Doing A Letter of Recommendation Template For An Employee or A Student

Focus on the Important Things

Your letter of recommendation template must be short but comprehensive. It should spotlight the main reasons why the individual fits the position they're seeking. You must also provide strong reasons to support your claim.

If they're going to apply for a scholarship, discuss their commitment to study well and maintain good grades. If they are applying for another job, make sure that you mention what projects they have fulfilled while working with you.

Mention Facts and Statistics

The more in-depth your details are about the individual's work, the more believable your professional letter of recommendation template will be. For example, if you're writing for a former employee seeking a writing position, mention the quality of work they submit under your supervision. If you have data on how well the writing was received by the audience, you may add this.

Be Friendly and Professional

A professional yet personable tone is appropriate for a recommendation letter template. The style of your essay should reflect your relationship with the candidate.

Take Note of the Request Instructions

Inquire about the best way to submit your letter to the applicant. To avoid compromising their application status, follow the directions and deadline requirements strictly.

Professional Letter of Recommendation Template: FormBot

You can always create a professional recommendation form from scratch through FormBot's custom builder. You may also select from their rich templates library that has various categories.

Customising pre-made online forms according to your situation could help you better support the applicant in their endeavour.

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