Cover Letter Template Google Docs

How to Personalize Your Google Docs Cover Letter Templates

A cover letter is a critical tool in highlighting your skills and experience and how these align with your desired position. But writing a cover letter from scratch is challenging, especially if you are not used to talking about yourself and your accomplishments. It is why using a cover letter template with Google Docs makes the process easier for you.

What a Cover Letter Template Google Docs Can Do for You

If you have a template, it gives you an established flow of how the letter should go. It allows you to focus on what relevant details you should provide instead of wasting time trying to format the letter or wondering what elements to include.

While the format will give your cover letter a lovely, creative touch, how you write it is more critical than how you format it.

Cover Letter Template Google Docs

You can choose from several Google Docs Cover Letter Templates and pick one that works with the format of your resume. Some templates are suitable for the type of job that you want.

Considering how many cover letters hiring managers need to go through during job application season, they appreciate easy-to-read and well-laid letters. The premade layout in a template can help your letter get a hiring manager's attention.

Steps in Customizing Cover Letter Template Google Docs

Pick a Google Docs cover letter template and personalize it using the following steps:

1. Log in to your Google account.

You cannot edit a template unless you sign in first. If you don't have a Google account, create one.

2. Check the available free Google Docs cover letter templates

Upon signing into your Google Account, click on Google Drive, and look for "New." Go to "Google Docs," then "From template." Since you're looking for a cover letter template in doc, click on "Letters." Choose one from the templates.

3. Input your details.

Personalize the cover letter template in Google Docs using your personal information. Delete the current text and replace it with relevant details.

Go back to the job posting you want to apply for and check for specific information you need to include in the cover letter. Some employers do it deliberately to check if their applicants have the job post thoroughly.

The cover letter should not repeat your resume's contents. It should clarify what's in your resume, so use it to explain how the skills and work history listed in your resume make you qualified for the job.

Use a cover letter template in Google Docs, but don't leave it generic. Look up the hiring manager's name. If you still cannot find one, you may open the letter with any of these:

  • Hello, [Employer Name] Hiring Team!
  • Dear Hiring Manager,
What is Google Docs Cover Letter Template

Take your research a little further about the company. Use what you learned to explain why you want to work for them. It could be because of their advocacy, community work, or the effect of their product on the world.

Keep your cover letter short, on a single page, even with all the above details.

Why Use Cover Letter Template Google Docs

Here are the biggest reasons to keep using Google Docs cover letter templates:

They are available for free.

All the templates are free. Now that you know what should go into a cover letter, you can personalize it with a touch of professionalism, thanks to the template.

The Cover Letter Template Google Docs is efficient to use.

These templates come in handy if you plan to submit several cover letters to different job openings at once.

There are several options.

Some of the templates you can find are Swiss, which offers a minimalist layout with a bit of an artistic flare. It also presents an asymmetrical arrangement that looks neat.

The Spearmint template looks simple, modern, and professional. It is the ideal template to give your letter a corporate appeal.

You can pick Geometric if you want to experiment with more modern graphic elements. It is the best option for those applying for technical jobs because it comes off both professional and functional.

They are easy to customize.

The site gives you all the tools you need to make your letter as professional and info-packed as possible. As explained above, making a cover letter template in Google Docs personal is easy. You can easily do so within the letter if you want to add links to a short presentation to show off your portfolio or skills.

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