Free Employee Application Form Template 2024

Hiring employees and going through each application is quite challenging. However, the process might be easier on your part if you use the right solutions. One tool you might want to try is the employee application form.

The Company's Need For Employment Application Template

It is no longer enough to ask applicants to submit a resume. You can save money and time by asking applicants to fill out an online employment application form.

Here are the top reasons why it is more strategic and efficient for companies to use this in selecting the best candidate for their open positions:

Employee Application Form

Employee Application Form PDF Can Keep Applicant Data Organized

If applicants fill out an application form saved in a single and easily accessible storage location, there is a lower risk of losing information. It will be riskier if you get information while talking to applicants over the phone or in person during an interview. Just make sure to use a template for the employment application form for a more organized way of processing information.

To Monitor Using the Employee Application Form

You can track where the applicants found your job post or how they heard about it if you ask them about it on the application form. It will also help you develop targeted strategies in advertising for open positions in the future.

To Compare Applicants More Easily

When all the applicants fill out the same employee application form, you can compare them using the same criteria. It is easier for you to see who among them suits the position better. It is much better than comparing applicants using resumes, where the information provided varies.

Employment Application Form

To Prepare for Interviews

Getting to know the applicants better through their resumes and application form helps you prepare for the interviews. Since you already know their educational background, work history, and other skills, you can form better questions. You can talk more about how their history and experience make them suitable for the position.

To Filter, Dishonest Applicants

You can use the employee application form to reject untruthful applicants, which you cannot do with their resumes alone. You can format the document to require applicants to sign it to certify that the information they provided is accurate. Lying or omitting relevant information can be used as a basis for dismissal. It is this function that makes the application form a verification tool.

You can compare the information among these references if you have the resume, cover letter, and application form. It will help you check the applications for red flags and inconsistencies. You might find applicants' who exaggerated their previous job duties or inflated titles.

Employee Application Form Can Maintain Legal Compliance

Asking the applicants the wrong questions and digging for the incorrect information may lead to legal violations. It applies even beyond what they fill out in the employment application template form. It also covers the questions you ask them in person or over the phone during an interview.

Understandably, you want to know all the job-related information about the applicants. However, being invasive can get you in legal trouble. You can minimize this risk by carefully creating your employment application form. It helps that you be able to proofread and edit it.

To Improve Hiring Process Using the Employee Application Form

An application form is an appropriate tool the company can use to narrow the applicants down to a handful of qualified finalists. It is better than interviewing many people and wasting time only to disqualify most of them. It is because you can customize your questions to find information that will supplement what the resumes can provide.

Why Start Building Forms with FormBot - Free Employment Application Template

Do you now see how critical an employee application form template is in staging an efficient hiring process? If you do, try making one with FormBot. Through FormBot, you can make your application forms in minutes, thanks to its drag-and-drop feature.

Creating a form should be easy if you carefully consider what questions and information to include. FormBot also offers pre-built templates if you do not want to start with a blank. You can embed the completed form on your website or promote it to potential applicants through social media. If you are going to start building an online employee application form now, do it for free with FormBot!

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