What is a Student Survey?

Like companies that need customer input to improve their business processes, schools also need to gather and consider suggestions from students. The most advanced way to do it is through a student survey.

This type of form enables you to gauge your students' opinions about certain facets of your school administration. It includes the curriculum, teaching methods, and staff behavior. Knowing these details from the students' perspective will help you gain useful data that can affect your major management decisions.

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Defining Student Surveys

A student tool enables you to collect, process, and analyze your students' viewpoints about the institution's educational practices. It focuses on understanding the teachers' quality of teaching and their professionalism. It also allows students to give honest feedback about the school and its staff.

The student survey results are instrumental as they give valuable information when making the necessary improvements in the school. It also shines a light on the possible areas of improvement for the teaching staff.

It's good to have anonymous student surveys to allow everyone to share their honest opinions without the fear of judgment. To make this happen, you can use online form builders to ask student survey questions.

Student Survey

Types of Student Surveys

Listed below are the different kinds of student surveys you can utilize in your school.

1. Student Satisfaction Survey

A student satisfaction survey lets you determine the satisfaction level of your students regarding the institution's overall operations and pedagogical methods. It gives the administration an idea of the school's accomplishments using predetermined parameters.

Typically, the forms consist of Likert scales, multiple-choice questions, and open-ended questions that cover the management and teaching practices of the academy. They may also ask about the behaviors of non-teaching staff.

Learning centers should do this annually to ensure they are up to the standards all the time. Survey results can change the course of actions or strategies that the administration will take if this will lead to the betterment of the organization.

Student surveys are developed to encourage respondents to give precise data concerning organizational practices.

2. Course Evaluation Survey

This type of survey aims to know the students' perception of the school's coursework and teaching methods. It contains questions that assess how the students enjoy the course.

Student survey Google form owners would usually place rating questions or queries answerable through a Likert scale. This option effectively measures the overall satisfaction of students towards your institute. Through this, you can evaluate the relevance of the course and coursebook to them.

3. Teacher Evaluation Surveys

The last type of survey we have is teacher evaluation. It informs administrators about the students' opinions of their teachers. They can evaluate them based on their professionalism, teaching methods, and engagement with students.

Besides performing routine classroom observations to rate teachers, you can use this as additional data to measure the teacher's overall performance. You can utilize the results when making promotions or giving recognitions.

How Form Builders Can Help?

Online form makers, like FormBot, have different abilities that you can use to make beautiful student survey forms. It includes:

Easy Customization

With FormBot's drag-and-drop feature, you can easily create a survey according to your requirements. Changing the fields, colors, fonts, and background can be done in a breeze. You may also use the templates they offer for a faster turnaround of forms.

With its various form field options, you can collect important student details like name, date, grade level, and more. You may also ask them to rate the classes, curriculum, materials, teachers, and the overall school environment.

Student Form Templates


If you make mobile-friendly student forms, students can easily fill them up. With this in mind, you can use FormBot to create online surveys that work well for smartphones. It makes answering questions convenient and less boring. No matter where they are currently, your students can send in their responses in a short amount of time.


FormBot also gives you links to embed on your website or share on emails and social media platforms. Doing this will allow your students to give their feedback easily. Upon receiving it, you'll get vital insights that you can apply in your school to maintain the well-being of your students and their environment.

Try FormBot's Student Survey Today To Gain Insights On Your School's Performance

Administering student surveys through online forms makes it more uncomplicated for your school to gain the information you need. Try Formbot today and let your school achieve success!

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