Simple Lease Agreement Template

If you are planning to rent out your place to someone, it is necessary to have a simple lease agreement to guard your rights should any issue arise with your tenant.

Lease agreements are legally enforceable contracts. They outline the responsibilities and privileges of both the landlord and the tenant. Failure to follow these will result in consequences, which are also explained in the document.

What To Include In Your Simple Lease Agreement Template

Creating a well-written lease agreement can ensure that the renter is a good fit for the particular residential or commercial property. Before creating a lease agreement, lessees need to evaluate to confirm the income and background information of the lessor.

Guide to Creating A Simple Lease Agreement Template

Free Simple Lease Agreement Template

Here are the details to include when making your own simple rental agreement form.

Names of All Tenants and Occupants

Adults living on the property should be named as a tenant and must sign a lease, the simple rental agreement form. It ensures that all of them are legally responsible for paying the rental cost and following all terms and conditions.

If one tenant misses a due date, you can ask the other tenants to make up for it. Additionally, if one tenant breaches the agreement, you can cancel the lease of all tenants.

As a lessee, you can also add an occupancy clause explaining that only the official tenants and their minor children can live on the property, and guests can only stay for a certain number of days.

If the tenant allows an unapproved person to move in or sublets the unit without permission, you can terminate the tenancy and expel the residents.

What the Basic Lease Agreement Property Includes

On the simple lease agreement template, you have to input the address of the building and unit number. You may also want to state the specific parking spots included. Similarly, describe in the document the other areas the tenants can use and the prohibited ones.

Term of the Tenancy

Agreements may cater to short-term and long-term tenancies. They may either renew automatically or until the landlord or tenant choose to terminate. Whatever you choose, be specific on the date you will put, the length of stay, and the expiration date.

Rental Price

When writing about the payment terms, make sure to put how and when you will pay it. To avoid problems, spell out details such as acceptable payment methods, late rent fees, grace periods, and charges for check bounces.

Miscellaneous Fees

You can prevent any disputes between you and the tenant when you are clear on the expected fees, such as:

  • The amount of security deposit
  • The process of returning the deposit
  • Any non-refundable fees like cleaning or pet deposits
Basic Lease Templates

Basic Lease Agreement Template Printable Has Repair and Maintenance Policies

To protect yourself against rent-withholding problems and security deposit conflicts, explain the repair and maintenance policies on your agreement. It includes:

  • the tenant's responsibility to clean their premises and pay for any damages if necessary
  • details on procedures for giving complaints and repair requests
  • restrictions on alterations in the property.

Landlord's Right to Enter Rental Property

As the house owner, you can include a clause stating your right to access the rental. It could help avoid breaking any rules or violations. You can have different policies depending on various situations. For example, if you're going to show the unit to potential renters, you need to notify the renter 24 hours prior.

Other Important Rules in a Simple Lease Agreement Template Pdf

Specify any rules or regulations that could remove a tenant who violated them. Here are some of the things you can add to the Simple Rental Agreement Form Template:

  • No illegal activities. Illegal and disruptive behaviors must be prohibited to limit potential liabilities and prevent any harm to your property. Do not allow drug dealing or use as well as excessive noise.
  • Smoking. You may also choose to restrict smoking on your property or inform tenants of the areas where they can do so.
  • Pets. You may either allow or not pets in your rental except for emotional support animals. If you allow pets, include your policies, such as leashing outside the unit and cleaning up pet waste.

Required Landlord Disclosures

Federal, state, and local laws may ask you to report particular information in your simple lease agreement. You also want to guarantee that you follow rent control laws, anti-discrimination laws, and health and safety codes. Have a lawyer review your lease to maintain compliance.

Simple Lease Agreement Template Free

FormBot offers simple lease agreement templates with basic and sophisticated sections. It allows you to put the terms and conditions of the contract between you and the tenant.

With our pre-made templates, you can adjust and edit the format according to your requirements and send them to your lessors to sign. Try our online form builder now!

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