What Are The Different Consent Form Templates?

If you need to hold an activity that requires a person's consent, it helps to use an online consent form. It is often used to obtain parents' permission, model releases, medical authorization, or activity waivers. You can use a consent form template if this is your first time making one.

Why Use an Online Consent Form

Handing consent forms printed on paper is a hassle. It can be physically impossible to distribute these forms to some people who need to sign them. It makes sense to use an online consent form, especially if you consider the following benefits:

  • Save time. Instead of printing and handing the forms to the concerned people, you can customize a general consent form template and send the link to them. You do not need to come to them and vice versa to read and sign the document. Everything can be done online, ending with their e-signature on the online form.
  • Less paperwork. Obtaining the signatures of different people using physical forms means printing and using up lots of paper. It also means handling quite a thick piece of paperwork, as in the case of a research study that involves hundreds of participants.
Consent Template

You can reduce the paperwork using an online consent form. Everything you need to manage will also be limited to digital files on your computer instead of paper files on the filing cabinet or on top of your desk.

  • Easy distribution. It only takes sharing a link via email, social media, or an online messaging platform to distribute the consent form. No hassle at all.
  • Effortless signing. It is convenient for the people who need to sign the customized simple consent form template if you use online forms. It is as simple as preparing their e-signature, copying it, and pasting it onto the online document. On your part, you can use specific programs to gather all the e-signatures.
  • Varied templates. There are so many choices of form templates online. Look for a form builder that offers flexibility in the consent form template that meets your needs.

Tips on Customizing a Consent Form Template

When you have chosen your template and you are ready to customize it, make sure to remember these tips:

  • Prepare your logo. Add it to the top of the form to make it look official and formal.
  • Show your brand. You can change the colors or the font used in the form to be consistent with your brand's style and imagery.
  • Prepare the terms and conditions. Customize this according to what kind of consent you need. These terms will also reduce the risk of committing an ethically questionable move.
  • Don't forget about adding a signature field.
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Types of Consent Form Templates

Are you uncertain how to go about preparing your consent form? You can find a free consent form template online that suits various purposes.

Here are the common types of consent form templates:

  • Medical consent forms. These forms are used to obtain the patient's signature before starting a medical treatment or medical procedure. However, these forms must only be given to patients with the mental capacity to decide independently after understanding the treatment's methods, results, and risks. The elderly, minors, or patients with a disability need their guardians to sign the form for them.
  • Travel consent forms. These are usually distributed when a child needs to travel with a school or organization, which their parents or guardian must sign to show consent. Other forms under this category include travel insurance waiver, COVID-19 travel declaration, or employee travel authorization forms.
  • Photography-related consent forms. Photographers need these forms to set specific terms and conditions for the usage of the photos. These forms may include model release forms, session agreements, photo consent forms, and order forms.
  • Salon consent forms. It would be helpful not to wave around any paper when asking for your clients' signatures. Instead, you can give them an online customized consent form template before they get their makeup, dermal fillers, Botox, hairdressing services, eyelash extensions, nail art, or wax.
  • Credit card authorization forms. You need clients to sign this type of consent form template if you want their permission to automatically credit payments from their credit card accounts.
  • Professional counseling forms. Counseling service providers use this document to get consent from the patients before treating them. They also use it to outline the services they are expected to provide and what rights that patient has throughout the therapy.

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