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Creating a QR code for personal or professional use can help you connect with potential customers and grow your network. It enables you to streamline your brand awareness efforts to build more connections over time.

How to Choose A QR Code Creator

As industries become increasingly competitive, all professionals need to get their name out there. You have to leverage a networking strategy that is quick and effortless to be successful. QR codes can help you do this.

Effortless Sharing While Saving Expenses

Who would still want to receive paper flyers these days? Aside from the cost of printing, it is also not sustainable. Moreover, its limited space can't fit all the essential information you want to include.

QR codes can address this problem by allowing you to put everything on a small square. Name it – name, contact details, social media links, mechanics, directions, etc.

 QR Code Creator

Dynamic Codes For Easy Editing

QR codes can be dynamic, so you can edit their content whenever, wherever. Because of this feature, you can swiftly change event or product details and ensure your audience gets the latest information.

What to Consider When Choosing A QR Code Creator

After sharing with you the importance of QR codes, let's study the aspects to evaluate when looking for the best QR code generator.

Components and Details

Your QR code creator must let you share all vital information. Find a solution that allows you to share text, social media links, websites, and other multimedia like images and videos.

Customization Options

Win the marketing game by personalizing the look and design of your QR code for free. Select an app that allows you to choose from various templates or customize its appearance. Design your code the way that best fits your branding.

Easy Save and Share

One of the best uses of QR codes is it allows you to save contact details. Choose a QR code creator that enables you to add buttons for sharing or saving.

Fast Editing

Opt for the QR code maker free that lets you edit content, such as contact details or URLs, in real time. If you want other people to have the latest information, your QR code should be dynamic.

Tracking and Analytics

Look for a QR code creator with tracking capabilities. This way, you can monitor all the visits to your QR code and their demographic and geographic data. Some insights to factor in are the unique visits, locations, and devices or browsers used. These can gauge the number of people who viewed your QR code and the sector they belong to.

Bulk Creation

Organizations are implementing QR codes for various uses to streamline their processes. In such cases, it is better to get a solution that supports the bulk creation and editing of digital materials.


A QR code generator must have ease of use. People shouldn't have to spend much time learning its ins and outs. Choose an app that your team can use with less effort.


Best QR Code Maker

You must also consider the price point of the solution. Choose one that is within your budget.

Best Practices For Buying QR Code Creators

Follow these guidelines when you're about to buy a QR code creator:

Determine Your Requirements

First, list down the requirements and features you need. Are you looking for a generator with an excellent customization function? Do you need one that has tracking capabilities? Or better yet, an all-in-one solution that crosses off your list?

Take the time to create your non-negotiables. This way, you can simplify your research process and find the right app in no time.

Determine Your Budget

Come up with a monthly or annual budget that you're willing to set aside for your QR code. Solutions may range between $5 to $200 a month. Deciding on your budget can narrow down your options.

Research For Solutions

After knowing your requirements and budget, you can now start your search. Look for the best QR code generators online and pick those with your non-negotiable features.

Get Free Trial

After making a shortlist of the QR code apps, review them individually. Get a free trial, analyze each solution's capabilities, and note their pros and cons for easy comparison.

Purchase Your QR Code Creator

Finally, choose a solution that aligns with your requirements and go with the plan that matches your needs.

If you're looking for a comprehensive QR code platform, you may consider FormBot. Our solution allows you to create stunning QR codes and customize them like a pro.

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