Create A QR Code

QR codes look similar to barcodes, but they are more powerful. Instead of just revealing a price or a small detail, scanning a QR code can redirect you to a URL where you can connect to Wi-Fi, order food, or get a discount code.

8 Reasons Why It’s Necessary to Create A QR Code

Quick Response or QR codes are easily scannable and can help you do a particular action. They are usually on product labels, marketing materials, menus, invoices, etc. But how do you make a QR code? Read on and find out.

How to Create A QR Code Free

  1. First, you have to choose the best QR code generator. There are many apps available, and they are packed with different capabilities. Choose one that best fits your needs.
  2. Are you looking to create a static code? Apps usually provide them for free, but they are only helpful when you don’t need to change the data it contains. Meanwhile, if you need to change data often, it would be ideal for creating a dynamic QR code. They have higher price points but have other features like tracking, analytics, and customization.
  3. You may personalize or modify the logo, color, or text if the QR code generator allows you to do so. After customizing its appearance, choose the destination of the code. You may link your social media channel, website, or other practical URLs. Upload all relevant information on the app as necessary.
Create a QR Code
  1. 3. After finalizing all the information, it’s time to generate the code. Download it using the file type that suits your requirements. It can be JPEG, PNG, SVG, or EPS. You may also download a vector format for printing.
  2. 4. Google QR code generator can track and analyze your code.

Why Create a QR Code?

1. Generate Web Traffic and Leads

QR codes can eliminate the need to manually type URLs, which makes for a better user experience. This entices more audiences to visit your site. For example, you can create a QR code on business cards, flyers, or packaging materials. Scanning them will bring people to a page on your website. Here, you may show them related products or ask them to leave reviews. Additionally, you may give discount codes for a better incentive.

2. Easily Communicate

Creative marketing campaigns can include QR codes that deliver SMS or email upon scanning. You can personalize the message upon creating the code, allowing you to sign up for an account or participate in a contest.

3. Attract Feedback and Reviews

It’s challenging to convince customers to leave reviews since it is a long process. But if you put the link on a QR code, the process will become quick and straightforward.

4. Provide Directions

Businesses can create a QR code for free to give directions. It can contain guidance via Google Maps or Waze. Along with the QR code, you may also put instructions like “scan for directions.” You can print this one or post it on your social media.

Free QR Code Generator

5. Connect to Wireless Internet

Another purpose of the QR code is to give easy access to Wi-Fi. Coffee shops, libraries, airports, and other public spaces offer free internet access. They may post QR code stickers that contain network information and passwords on walls or tables. After the user scans the code, they are redirected to a pop-up that asks if they want to connect to the internet.

6. Giveaways

Your business can also do a giveaway, and you can use a QR code to achieve this. When you scan them, you can direct participants to a page where they can input their information. It is a great strategy to boost brand awareness and get people to talk about your product.

7. Payment Processing

QR codes also let you pay for merchandise in stores or meals in restaurants. You have to scan the code provided by the cashier, and payment is made instantly. But this will only work if you have an account with a payment service like Paypal.

8. Share Valuable Information For Education Purposes

QR codes let you share information and different digital media. If you want to educate or inform your audience, you can put the knowledge you want to impart on the QR code, including photos, videos, or PDF files.


Marketers need to leverage QR codes to promote businesses. Using the latest tools such as this one will make your processes efficient and catch the attention of people looking for innovation. To find out how to use this for your business, contact us.

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