How to Create A QR Code

QR codes make organizing and promoting events easy, thanks to their versatility. You can use them to engage your audience, staff, and clients while distributing event-related information.

A Guide on How to Create a QR Code for Events

Are you ready to discover how to create a QR code and make the most of it in managing your events? Continue reading to find out.

How to Create a QR Code for Free

You don't have to pay for a tool to create a QR code. There are many free tools you can find online. Just visit the website of these tools, and if you want to direct users to your website, enter your site's URL.

 How to Create a QR Code

You may do the same if you want them to access directions, menus, and other information. After which, download the QR code free to your computer, ready for use in your events.

QR code generators offer different features, so it would help to experiment with a few. Check what tool has the most features you need for your event planning tasks.

For your audience's part, they can read the code as long as they have a smartphone. The latest units even have a built-in QR code reader that converts the code image into readable information.

Why Event Organizers Should Use QR Codes

QR codes are ideal for events because they can store the event's details, such as the time, venue, host's name, event name, description, agenda, and call-to-action. They also include event planning information, such as the venue layout, staff's job duties, planners' worksheets, daily schedules, to-do lists, details of the sponsors and fundraisers, and more.

Other reasons why event organizers should look for the best QR code generator and use these codes include the following:

  • They are ready to be customized with different colors, background images, logos, icons, and CTAs matching your event's brand.
  • They only take up a little space on the event's marketing material since you can go as small as 2x2cm.
  • They add life to traditional marketing brochures.
  • They are easily downloaded in different formats, such as JPEG, PNG, SVG, or EPS.
  • They are versatile enough to be designed in various shapes, sizes, and colors, but if you want easy readability, use a more extensive QR code with the dark foreground color.
How to Make a QR Code

How Event Organizers Should Use QR Codes

If you put events together, you should learn how to create a QR code and make use of it in the ways mentioned below:

Promote the event using print marketing

There is limited space on flyers and posters for all the event details you can include in the promotion. However, QR codes can point your audience to a web page with comprehensive event details without taking up too much space. You can print a small code on the marketing materials, distribute them, and instruct users on what to do with it.

Store even details in a single place

You can give your users all the necessary details to convince them to attend your events. Make sure to provide accurate information.

Fast check-ins

It is one of the popular uses of QR codes for event planners. You will save time checking attendees in instead of relying on paperwork, reduce queues, and make it quicker for people to enter the venue after scanning the QR code.


Ask interested attendees to scan a QR code to RSVP to the event. They can scan the code and get redirected to a landing page that contains more information about the event using the QR code scanner. They can also use the page to fill out the registration form, complete their payment, and add the event schedule to their calendar.

Event tickets

If you know how to create a QR code, you can use it for event tickets. The code can enable RSVPs, check-ins, and gathering of the attendees' information.

Seating chart

You can manage your seating chart by sharing it with the attendees through a QR code. The code should contain the venue layout and location details leading the attendees to their designated seats.

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