Online Form Builder Workflow Automation

Online forms are commonly used by companies that are doing research or e-commerce. This tool helps them get valuable user opinions without going to their exact location. They can share with their respondents a URL link, and they can receive answers in no time. Form automation software takes the stress out of taking surveys manually. It allows you to create forms digitally without the need to print them. It also standardizes other steps and activities involved in surveys.
Online form builder workflow centralizes your processes to ensure that you are optimizing your time and resources. By leveraging automation, it eliminates the need for sophisticated procedures. You can maximize your time using the best form builder through the following functionalities:

Data Routing

This feature uses logic to control which actions to take whenever someone submits a form. You can direct data to a particular person or department based on the criteria you set. For instance, you can send form submissions or trigger custom confirmation emails depending on user responses. You may also redirect users to external links, payment gateways, or other third-party applications to accomplish orders.
Online Form Builder Workflow

Create Online Forms Quickly

An online form builder workflow has an intuitive drag-and-drop function to create forms without hassle. You don’t have to familiarize JavaScript or other coding languages; you have to grab a virtual object and drag it to another location. You can build any form that you envision and create seamless workflows valuable to your organization. You can choose which field types to input, whether dropdown, radio button, checkbox, short answer, long answer, date/time, event, and credit card details. You may design your web form according to your branding or choose from various templates available. It also enables you to utilize other built-in features such as conditional logic, smart lists, and others.

Streamline Tedious Processes

An online form builder workflow allows you to manage company processes smoothly. Along with the software, your staff can collect, review, and modify information on web forms. It has the power to create smooth and versatile workflows, automating all processes across all departments and mitigating the need to complete repetitive tasks. Using workflow logic can send forms back to the respondents for correction and establish rules to skip steps or complete workflow entirely.

Payment Collection

Give customers peace of mind by collecting payments quickly and securely. You can fully automate transactions using form builders. Whether you are receiving online payments for events, services, orders, or donations, this application can manage your payment workflows. What’s more, they are compliant with various regulations, employing robust data security such as reCAPTCHA and secure eSignatures.

What Online Form Builder Does Workflow Automation?

Jotform, The Online Application Form Builder

Jotform is a simple yet powerful form maker. It allows you to build web forms from scratch or choose from its library of more than 10,000 templates. You can integrate various apps with this software to even optimize its capabilities. For instance, you can send notifications regarding form entries to your email, store submitted files in Google Drive, or accept payments through Paypal. Its drag-and-drop function is intuitive, covering all the essential elements you need. It offers a free plan that includes five web forms, 100 submissions, and ten payments each month. Paid plans let you access more features, and it starts at $19 per month.
Best Forms Automation Software

Landerlab, the Online Application Builder

Landerlab is an online form builder with a drag-and-drop designer and customization service. It doesn’t require you to have major programming skills to develop a form that suits your purpose. Landerlab has over 100 high-quality, responsive templates available, and it comes with an excellent SSL certification to make your lead-capturing landing page secure. It has a good interface and lots of elements to play with, making it an enticing product to try.

FormBot, the Best Forms Automation Software

FormBot is a cloud-based software that allows you to design, manage, and publish different web forms. It collects user information and helps you understand each of their opinions. The platform has a drag-and-drop builder so you can create personalized forms with custom layouts. It provides real-time receptivity of all responses, enabling you to receive data instantly whenever a client successfully fills in a web form. It integrates with different apps to automate workflows, including a database for completed forms and a payment processor to accept. To ensure this one’s for you, you may want to try its free version before going pro. FormBot has the features you need to create beautiful web forms, including an array of templates, field options, and design elements. To know more about Online Form Builder Workflow, contact us now!

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