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As a website creator, you might have heard of form builders. Form builders are tools that you can use to create web forms. Anyone can make forms easily with form builders since it does not require any coding experience. As such, today, we shall explore the best Joomla form builder extensions to use as contact forms.

Why Put a Contact Form with Joomla Form Fields on Your Site?

Contact forms are pages wherein visitors can send emails to the site owner. This form often contains fields for filling in a person’s name, email address, and message. Sometimes, websites put CAPTCHA in contact forms to reduce bots and spam. A form maker can also help you create contact forms for your website.
But why would you need a contact form and use the best Joomla form builder extension for your website? We shall elaborate on the most important reasons below:

Avoid Spam Messages

Publishing your business email address in public may pose some serious security risks. It’s because spambots can scrape emails on your websites. When that happens, you might receive spam or phishing emails which is not ideal for any site owners. Free Joomla contact forms are essential since you don’t have to reveal the email address publicly. Spambots cannot scrape them, making it safer for the visitors and the website. Also, you can put a CAPTCHA element to prevent bots from messaging with the contact form.
Best Joomla Form Builder

Build Your Email Marketing List

If you are a business owner, a Free Joomla contact form is an opportunity to build your email marketing list. Let’s take the example of using the best Joomla form builder to create contact forms. You can put a checkbox asking the visitors to subscribe to your email list. Email marketing is a powerful way to interact with your audience, and you can do that with contact forms.

Generate New Leads Using Your Form Maker

Another reason your website needs a contact form is that it can generate new leads. If you own a business, free Joomla contact forms will make it easier for visitors to get in touch. Also, it provides you the opportunity to interact and convert them into customers.

Best Joomla Extensions for Contact Forms

It is also crucial to select the best form maker extension as contact forms. It would help if you chose something secure, functional, and easy to use for your website. As such, let’s look at the best Joomla extensions for contact forms as of today below.

Flexi Contact

Flexi Contact is one of the best Joomla form builder choices for starters. It is responsive and compatible with Joomla 3, Joomla 4, and PHP 7. This form builder is also spam-proof, great for your website’s security. What’s more, it’s free to download! Below are its highlighted features: Highlighted Features:
  • Compatible with most Joomla and PHP versions
  • Set the fields to mandatory, optional, or not shown for passwords
  • Edit the CSS styles with its built-in editor to fit your website’s appearance
  • Put a simple image CAPTCHA system for increased website security
  • Redirect the users to the confirmation page once they hit the “Send” button
Free Joomla Contact Form

Fox Contact Form

Fox Contact Form is also one of the top Joomla extensions this year. This Joomla extension offers a smooth and flexible way to create contact forms. Examples include reservation, order, support ticket, and call me back forms. Besides that, this form builder promises compatibility on any device. Below are its highlighted features: Highlighted Features:
  • Boost your website’s ranking with this SEO friendly form builder
  • Display the contact forms perfectly on any device, whether a computer or smartphone
  • Interact with people worldwide with its native multilingual contact forms
  • Secure your website from bots with its CAPTCHA and anti-spam mechanism

Contact Enhanced Component

Contact Enhanced Component has splendid features that make it one of the best Joomla form builder extensions. Besides unlimited Joomla form fields, it also offers an advanced security mechanism. Below are its highlighted features: Highlighted Features:
  • Requests any information that you need from the visitors with its unlimited form fields
  • Protects your website from spam and bots with its CAPTCHA mechanism
  • Displays the contact form perfectly on any device with its responsive and flexible design
  • Keeps track of the sent messages by recording them into a secured database

Make Contact Forms Easily with FormBot

Building a contact form for your website might seem intimidating at first. However, in FormBot, the Joomla form maker we made things easier for you. You can select from various pre-made templates and put them on your site for starters. You can also create custom forms to fit your website’s style. Get started today! Free Survey Maker Free Poll Maker Google Microsoft Forms Templates Google Form Header Image Size Google Survey Maker Police Report Template Registration Form in Android Studio

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