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QR codes and readers have found a sweet spot in the hospitality industry, particularly during the pandemic and contactless transactions everywhere. You can find these codes in restaurant and room service menus, reservation confirmations, key cards, marketing materials, passwords, and other collaterals.

A Guide to Using QR Readers and Codes in the Hospitality Industry

The industry has discovered how to leverage the codes as a tool used to disseminate information, something that would have consumed lots of printing and paper. Customers need to use a smartphone as a QR reader because QR codes are everywhere.

Are you still hesitant about using QR codes and readers in your hospitality business? Here are some ways businesses in your industry are using QR codes:

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1. Digital menus and check-ins

The pandemic started the contactless transaction wave, which gave way to the popularity of digitalized menus and check-in processes. Instead of preparing menus on paper, you can use a QR code generator to produce scannable codes linked to your restaurant, room service, spa, or bar menu. If you want to change their contents, you don’t need to change the QR code. You can even use the code to allow customers to choose items and order in it directly.

For check-ins, you can send a digital key as a QR code, and the customers can use it to check in instead of lining up and waiting for their turn. They need to open the QR reader app on their phones, scan the code, and they’re already checked in. There is no need for physical keys anymore.

2. Virtual tours

The hospitality industry had to overcome many challenges after the pandemic. The businesses must drum up attention, regain customers, and convince people to come and visit. They can do that using virtual tours accessible via QR codes. When customers scan your code or use a QR Code scanner online, they will be redirected to your virtual tours and see what customers can expect from your business.

3. Feedback collection

Are you curious about what your customers say about your products and services? You can use QR codes to ask customers for feedback regarding the room’s cleanliness, the food, the amenities, the customer service, the spa processes, and more. Set up the questions you will use, let the customers rate you, and give them enough space to write their comments. If you use QR codes, it will only take the customers a few minutes to provide their feedback.

To pull this off, display the QR codes near the reception desk so guests can see them upon check-out.

4. Marketing campaign

Don't limit yourself to distributing flyers, paying for billboards, or posting on social media. Keep your customers intrigued by putting QR codes in prominent places with heavy traffic. Some would give in to their curiosity and take out their QR reader app to check what’s in the QR codes. If you redirected them to your social media pages, you might get followers, generate leads, and grow your customer base.

5. Promote products and events

You can change the information in QR codes as needed. If you want to use them to promote different products and events, the details of which will keep on changing, use dynamic QR codes. Put the codes on party invitations, brochures, and banners outside the venue. You can reuse them for other events as long as you edit the info stored in the codes to suit the details of the next event.

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6. Store relevant information

Hotel staff is equipped to handle customer queries in person at the front desk or via the phone. However, it also helps if you empower your guests with easy access to information they need during their stay. These may include the hotel’s address, phone number, venue vacancy, and more. You can store these critical details in the QR code.

Aside from making relevant information accessible via a QR reader, you can also put the codes within reach. Have them printed on your keycards, business cards, or key card holders. If your guests suddenly need them, they can whip their phones out and scan the code.

Do you want to take full advantage of QR codes and give your customers a reason to use their QR reader? If you do, get a good QR code generator and form builder like FormBot. You can use our website to help you create helpful information for storage in the code.

FormBot allows users to create online forms from scratch or templates and generate QR codes for free. Like how its users create online forms to gather data, you can use the codes to store data for various purposes, from digital menus and virtual tours to marketing campaigns and feedback collection. Visit FormBot today!

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