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As businesses make a digital shift, they are looking for advanced applications to use. Form builder software is one of them. However, with many options in the market today, they find it challenging to pick out which one would be the most beneficial for them.

We know just how confusing it is to be in that position. But keep in mind that you can work through it by weighing your options.

Identify the features you want and what the products offer. Consider whether you want a paid or free online form builder.

Benefits of Paying For Custom Form

While some businesses aren't very particular with the application they want, some want to be feature-packed. But you can't get extra features for free – you have to pay for them. Paying for a custom form can make a massive difference for your business. This post will explain to you the importance of getting a paid version.

Free Online Form Builder Has Its Cons

Online form makers are applications that enable you to create digital answer sheets without manual coding. Many vendors offer this software, but their prices and perks vary.

Custom Form

Some companies offer free versions of their products, while others only have paid ones. It may be tricky to settle for free ones since they may not have the features you need.

For example, they may set specific limits on the amount of data they can store in their database. There are a few templates you can use, and you may not have that much freedom when it comes to customization. Respondents may not have the option to upload files as well.

So, which do you think is the best for your needs? Will a paid form builder software be worth it?

Benefits of Paying For A Custom Form Builder

Experts would recommend you to opt for paid custom form creators. Here are some benefits to garner when you take this path:


Paying for a custom form builder ensures that you'll have ease of use. They will provide you with useful functionalities so you'll have a hassle-free time working out the details of your online form.

Typically, you can drag and drop elements on the space you prefer. You may also use different form fields and buttons aligned with your questions.

You don't have to build everything from scratch. Online form makers like FormBot have a library of pre-made templates. It will be useful if you are doing other business-related tasks.

Customized Form

Customization is Possible with Form Builder Software

Getting a paid form builder is also an excellent investment because it allows you to modify the sheets based on your current requirements. That said, it must be flexible enough to meet your design demands. For sure, you will be using forms for different purposes anyway.

Generating a custom form gives your brand a more professional look. You can change font and colors and add images and videos.

Analyzes Data

Although a free online form builder can gather data from visitors and clients, this would be useless if you don't have the application to analyze it. Paying for a custom form builder lets you integrate other applications that will process data and turn them into powerful insights.

Save Respondent's Answers

Some paid online forms give respondents the chance to save their filled-out sheets. If you're right in the middle of answering a survey form, but something unexpected came up, you can keep it and resume it later.

You don't want your respondents to become irritated. Prevent them from starting over when you get paid web forms.

Application Integration

Most free form makers will only let you use selected third-party apps. It can be a bit disappointing since it prevents you from using other apps that could have improved your online form's performance.

Integrating with another application like a payment processor can help you take payments from customers. It may not be possible with free form creators.

The Best Online Form Builder

We believe that paying for a custom form creator can give you more pros than cons. Do not let free software hinder you from achieving your data gathering goals. The exceptional features that paid online form builders offer will allow you to serve better and understand customers or prospects.

Remember that using a free form generator means you'll miss some features. The program you're using won't be of much use to your company.

Take advantage of the best online form creators in the market today, like FormBot, and be on top of your game.

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