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For most businesses, generating leads can be a challenge. The increase in competition has made it hard for companies to track and engage with potential customers. As a result, many businesses continue to face struggles up to this day. Thankfully, there are effective ways to overcome this challenge, such as using a custom online form builder. So how is using a form builder app relevant to generating leads? In a 2023 statistic, 50% of marketers agree that their primary source of prospects is through inbound marketing strategies. Using onsite forms, for instance, contributes to the growth of most businesses. Today, we will go in-depth about the importance of form builders and how apps like FormBot can benefit your business.

What Is a Custom Online Form Builder?

A custom online form builder refers to an app that allows you to create forms without coding. You can either use an available template or make it from scratch to fit your branding style.
It has many features, and you can easily integrate the form into your website. That way, you can use it to interact with your audience or potential leads. Some things that you can create using a Form builder app include:
  • Contact us page
  • Membership registration
  • Questionnaires
  • Zoom meeting request
  • Feedbacks
  • and more!
Custom Online Form Builder
Take note, though, that form builders have different uses. Some function as contact forms on websites, while others work as survey sheets for research. Examples include Google Forms and Microsoft Forms. The primary purpose of Google and Microsoft Forms is to create surveys or quizzes available online while others create custom forms that you can integrate into your site.
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Why is Having a Custom Online Form Builder Important?

There are many reasons why we find a custom online form builder essential. First, it encourages your audience to interact with your business. Let’s take the example of placing a contact form on your website. Having a contact form would make it easier for your visitors to ask questions about your services or products. Remember, keeping good communication with your potential clients is the key to your company’s success. Using the best online form builder for your business can also increase productivity in the workplace. How? Form builders do not require any coding experience.
Most apps offer an easy drag-and-drop feature that allows you to create forms from scratch. Once you finish, you can easily place the online form on your site by embedding the link from the app. Some builders also offer a catalog of pre-made templates, which simplifies the whole process. Furthermore, form builders are vital in gathering information. You’d want to ensure that people can input their details quickly, which is possible with a form builder. It is also helpful for marketing, such as generating new leads for your business. Some apps offer a free online form builder subscription to test how it works.

What Are the Benefits of Using FormBot for Your Business?

FormBot is an easy-to-use custom online form builder that offers unique features. You can create a new form in two ways: use a pre-made template or customize your own. Currently, FormBot offers you over 450 pre-made templates and 10MB of storage for the Free online form builder version. Below are more ways of how using FormBot can benefit your business.

Convenient to use

Customize your form With FormBot, the best you can save more time and energy by using pre-made templates. FormBot currently offers over 450 pre-made templates ranging from contact, donation, and more.

Customizable to fit your brand style

All businesses have different brand styles. As such, it would be ideal for creating web forms that can complement your company’s style. Well, FormBot can help you with that by using the straightforward drag-and-drop builder.

Generate new leads

FormBot is one of the best online form builder apps because it can generate new leads. For example, if you want to send free eBooks to your visitors – you can use an online form where people can register for it.

Make dynamic and responsive forms

A responsive website plays a critical role for businesses, including the online forms you put on it.

Build Your Custom Form with FormBot Today

If you need a customs form builder for your business or personal use, FormBot’s got your back! Build captivating online forms today with the FormBot custom online form builder and generate new leads. FormBot also offers the Starter plan for free, so go and check it out now!

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