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There are several reasons why accurate data collection is essential. When done right, it can help you answer important questions, make predictions, decisions, analysis, etc., that ultimately assist in making your business grow.

When it comes to gathering and measuring information, finding the best data collecting app is crucial. But with a wide range of online data collection tools available today, how do you know which is the right one that meets your business needs?

What Makes a Great Data Collection Tool?

To find the most appropriate application for your organization, you need to understand the workings of data collection tools.

For starters, they are computerized systems used for gathering and storing data (qualitative and quantitative) in an electronic form. Their main objective is to eliminate the use of paper surveys and allow researchers to perform data analysis and reporting in real-time.

Remember that a significant data collection forms app will let you do much more than just record responses. Here are a few more factors what to look for in your hunt:

Data Collection
  • Unique feature(s)
  • Relative affordability
  • Limits on form submissions and storage
  • Integration options with third-party apps

5 Best Data Collection Forms App

Taking into account the key factors mentioned above, here’s a list of great data collection forms apps:


FormBot was created for a single great mission: to allow researchers to build eye-catching forms without coding. Apart from that, it’s designed to serve as a front-end data collector with seamless integration, which will let you analyze and act on your data quicker.

The tool features an easy drag-and-drop form builder with a wide variety of fields you may want to use to get the most engagement and submissions from your forms. You can also choose from hundreds of templates available to simplify the form creation and the data collection process.

When your form is finished and ready, you can embed it on your current site or share links on social media—practically everywhere—to reach your target market wherever they are.

How does it work?

  • Click Create Form
  • Customize your form to fit your needs
  • Choose a place to store your data
  • Put your online form on your website or share it directly
  • Start collecting your data

Jotforms Mobile

Jotforms mobile is a new mobile data recording app that enables researchers to gather different data types, such as voice recordings, barcodes, geolocations, and electronic signatures. After which user can begin to perform various actions, including:

  • Building
  • Viewing
  • Accessing
  • Sorting
  • Filling out
  • Sharing
  • Organizing
Data Collection Forms App

The app also can function offline and enable push notifications on iOS and Android devices to notify users of new respondents or changes in data. PDF download of the submitted information is available as well.

When it comes to security, Jotforms mobile has the Kiosk Mode, which transforms your tablet or iPad into a fixed survey station. It means that respondents can only submit information to a specific form and not any other. This feature makes it perfect for public spaces with many respondents, such as conferences, hospital waiting rooms, or social events.

KoboToolbox, the data collection forms app

KoBoToolbox was developed by the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and is mainly used for data entry in humanitarian organizations, including the International Rescue Committee (IRC), United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, and Save the Children.

It is a free, open-source mobile app that employs data collection techniques and supports offline data entry on Android phones and tablets alike.

Open Data Kit

Open Data Kit (ODK) is an open-source data collection tool that works great for managing and using data in resource-constrained environments. It allows multiple data types, such as text, images, and location, to be entered and collected. ODK is reasonably accessible to anyone as it is supported in multiple languages and even works offline.

Team scope

Team scope is an excellent option for collecting sensitive data and clinical research, thanks to its secure and easy-to-use features. Some highlights of its security feature include:

  • Encrypted data
  • Username and password to log in
  • Four-digit passcode
  • Time out after 30 seconds of inactivity

In addition to that, it allows researchers to create mobile forms, collect qualitative and quantitative data and analyze it with a few clicks—offline. The case management feature allows users to make cases for individual subjects, share them with other users, and upload data for multiple scenarios.

When you find the right data collection tool, you no longer have to deal with duplicate data, continuous monitoring of paper forms, or other hiccups associated with manual data entry.

Start building functional online forms and collecting valuable data today. Get started with FormBot, the leading data collection forms app.

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