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Online forms and social media are best paired up to boost your marketing strategy. Registration forms or surveys are excellent lead generation tools, and companies may post these on social media apps to reach more people.

Online Forms That You Can Share on Social Media

There are different practices that you can apply to generate higher traffic. Here are some of them:

Create a Catchy Post

If your business uses an online form, you can entice visitors by posting engaging content on your social media sites. Ensure that your text, image, link, and meta information are all on point.

Your caption should be concise and must fit the character limit. Be clear with your message and use active words to get more responses.

Edit Link Preview

Form creators may provide optimized HTML code that can display your online forms on the different types of social media. It includes a personalized description and image.

Avoid using generic stock photos on the preview thumbnail and add something that fits your branding. The more specific the image is, the better your lead generation.

Social Media

Be On-Trend and Use Hashtags and Meta Links

When posting on social media, you must leverage all of its features to add context to your post.

For instance, your online firm’s goal is to have people sign up for an event; you may use a specific hashtag for better coverage. Do it sparsely to optimize performance without exaggeration.

Other social media sites also enable you to link your post to other users. Tagging their usernames to your online form link can display it to that person’s followers, helping you gain more traction.

Analytics Tracking

Monitoring the performance of the links can make you aware of any changes. You can easily track the differences by adding a tracking code to the Success Pages.

Apart from these, you may also monitor links using Hidden Field items on the form. Take advantage of the pre-populate link and customize each link source, assigning a unique value to the Hidden Field.

Online Forms That You Can Link to Social Media


It is an application developed by SurveyMonkey that allows you to create forms. It is easy to use, with different themes available.

With the multiple templates they provide, you can build invitations, lead generations, orders, registrations, surveys, and tracking forms. It also takes online payments and sends you alerts when someone fills up the form.

It integrates with customer relationship management applications, email marketing systems, website and mobile app builders, and social media.

You may examine results when you integrate them with Google Analytics.

Wufoo has free and paid plans starting from $19 per month.


Despite not being a drag-and-drop builder, it works seamlessly. It can receive payments, gather email addresses and phone numbers, and do ratings.

Whether you want to give customer surveys or do user research, Typeform is an excellent option. It lets you view or hide questions based on the respondent’s previous answers.

If you want to share it with other people, you may do so through email or social media. It integrates well with other applications, including Slack, Google services, and Trello.

Typeform is available for free, but you can only create up to three forms with at least ten questions each. You may collect 100 responses per month. Paid plans start at $35/monthly.

Social Media Contact Form


It is a form creator that lets you do registration, order, lead forms, and customer surveys. It has over a hundred pre-made templates, and you can adjust them based on your needs. You can change fonts, colors, background images, buttons, and other elements.

You’re free to tailor form fields and include specific question types, rankings, contact lists, pricing options, file uploads, or payment data. The platform lets you create multi-page forms, and respondents can jump between queries based on previous answers.

You can put this form on your site or share a link on your social media platform. It is responsive on all devices and integrates with third-party apps.

It is available for free, but you can also get premium plans starting at $19.95.


FormBot has tons of ready-made templates on the preview thumbnail to choose from, and they can all be customized depending on your requirements.

It also allows you to customize form fields and securely accept online payments and fees without limits on the number of transactions. You can put it on your website or share links on social media to invite respondents wherever they are.

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