Order Form Template Free: Providing Convenience To Businesses

Businesses must document their transactions for legal purposes, so even purchases require order forms. An order form serves as documentation of the buying and selling transactions. If you need one, you might benefit from having an order form template.

A buyer often fills out an order form and submits it to the seller. Once the latter does, the document now serves as a legal contract and rules the exchange between both parties. In addition, it usually contains the specifics about what the buyer wants to purchase.

Uses of Order Forms

Users often need an order form template Google Docs to submit an order of a product or service from a vendor, document purchases, put the payment terms in writing, and provide specific details about how many items are ordered. Order forms also come into play to serve as legally binding documents once the seller accepts the order. When the vendor arranges to deliver the items to the buyer, the order form also functions as the buyer’s shipping details source.

Businesses use an order form to ease the purchase process for the customers and help them monitor the inventory. It also allows them to forge strong customer relationships, collect payments, and embed them on any website or online presence.

Order Form Template Free

What an Order Form Template Contains

Most order form template free downloads include the following content:

  • Buyer and vendor names
  • Purchase order number
  • Description of items ordered
  • Number of items bought
  • Billing address
  • Payment details
  • Signatures
  • Purchase date

If the order includes shipping the items, the form should have a spot for the buyer’s shipping address and the shipping date. It will only be legally binding once the seller signs it, confirming the order.

How to Customize an Order Form Template

Turning a free order form into a personalized one suited for your business is quite easy. Follow these tips:

1. Choose an order form template.

Online form builders allow users like you to pick from hundreds to thousands of templates. You can narrow down your options by clicking on relevant categories, such as one that might specifically focus on order forms.

2. Pick relevant order form fields.

The fields included in order forms may change depending on the nature of the product or service, but they usually include the following:

Online Free Order Form Template
  • Customer name
  • Product name
  • Purchase order number
  • Quantity of the order
  • Price
  • Discount code
  • Billing address
  • Contact number
  • Delivery method
  • Payment information

Suppose you want to add more fields to your order form template, finding an online form builder with a convenient drag-and-drop feature. It allows you to drag fields from any part of the template and drop them onto the form.

3. Show off your brand.

Customization should not stop with the form’s contents. Personalize it further to reflect your brand identity. Start with choosing colors similar to the ones used in your brand, include your brand logo, and add a custom CSS code.

4. Connect to available payment gateways.

Integrate your form with secure and popular payment processors. These often include PayPal, FreshBooks, Square, and Stripe.

5. Publish and distribute your customized order form template.

Many online form builders allow their forms to be shared using their link via email, website, or social media, embedded on the website, and linked to content management systems like WordPress and Wix.

An order form makes it easier for customers to review what they want to purchase. It also clarifies the order details to the vendors, reducing the mistake of order fulfillment later.

Common Types of Order Forms

Here are four of the most common order form templates:

1. Food order form

Catering services and restaurants list their customers’ orders using food order forms. The kitchen can easily check what orders need to be fulfilled. If you want customers to double-check what they ordered, you can set up an email notification to be sent to the buyers for review.

2. Purchase order form

Retail and wholesale businesses use this order form template. It usually includes product types, quantities of the items ordered, shipping addresses, and more.

3. Business card order form

Are you offering printing services, including printing or publishing business cards? This order form asks whether the business card user is a company or individual, the preferred card layout, and business card details to include.

4. Clothing order form

This form typically asks for details such as the quantity of the clothes ordered, color, size, buyer’s name, and shipping address.

Are you looking for an easily customizable order form template? Look no further than FormBot, which offers hundreds of templates. The online form builder has a drag-and-drop feature if you want to make a form from scratch, but the ready-made templates are also available. In addition, it allows users to accept and process online payments securely, thanks to its trusted payment integrations.

FormBot makes personalizing an order form template for first-time users less intimidating. It does not require coding skills or form-building expertise because of its intuitive, user-friendly features. Contact FormBot today!

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