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Online surveys are an excellent way for people and organizations to conduct research or poll. It is cheaper, easier, and less time-consuming, not to mention it processes and analyzes data in a breeze.

Over the last decade, many people have been utilizing and sending them to respondents regardless of their location. Since they are shareable through social media, email, and websites, anybody can join the study as long as they meet the requirements.

Let's go deeper and get to know more about it.

What is an Online Survey?

An online survey is a method of collecting data from other people through the internet. A set of questions is sent out to a target sample, and the participants can answer them through this tool.

Researchers and marketers use online surveys to get insights about a particular topic or feedback about products or services. It is also beneficial for employers in such a way that it to get their staff's opinions about their work environment.

As the world shifts to digital platforms, more and more people depend on the data delivered and processed through the web.

Online Survey

What Makes A Great Survey Maker?

Here are the things that can make an online survey stand out.

Clear Purpose of the Online Survey

Researchers should have a clear objective when conducting a study. It allows them to receive more accurate results that can serve as a basis to improve their product/service or to conclude a phenomenon. Establishing your goal from the get-go can make your research successful.

Precise Research Design

Your research design must be accurate to bear efficient outcomes. Research designs can aid marketers in determining the method of data collection and analysis.

You can decide the type of research design based on the problem that your organization is trying to solve. Upon identifying the issue, the researcher can decide whether to use a cross-sectional, longitudinal, experimental, or correlational design.

Should you need to do an online survey at a particular time, you can opt for a cross-sectional research design. Meanwhile, if you have to observe a change in pattern from one time to another, researchers can try the longitudinal design.

Structured Questions on Comprehensive or Quick Online Surveys

Choose which types of queries to use in your survey. There should be a good amount of open-ended and close-ended questions.

Ensure that the included questions effectively get the necessary information for your research. Here are some of the most-used question types:

  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Matrix questions
  • Rating scale
  • Likert scale
Free Online Survey Maker

Target Sample

It represents the group of people you're doing a study for or the ones you need to hear answers from. Individuals must meet the required characteristics of the target respondents before participating in the study. This way, researchers can generalize respondents' inputs accurately and make conclusions based on them.

You can generate a sample based on various factors such as demographics, employment, or any other criteria based on the researcher's experience and understanding. There are two methods for creating samples:

  • Probability Sampling: This method uses probability theory to produce a sample. Every member of a target population has an equal chance of being included in a selected model utilizing this strategy.
  • Non-probability Sampling: The sample is chosen based on the researcher's judgment, experience, and expertise rather than random selection.

Integration of Multimedia

Incorporating images, music, and video snippets into a survey improve the respondent experience. It can encourage a higher survey completion rate.

Collection and Analysis of Answers

Your research isn't over until it's over. After gathering the responses through online forms, you will have to send them over to an advanced analytics tool. It will allow you to understand better what the participants' answers mean.

It can probe the results and update you in real-time as soon as respondents take the online survey. Once the data is processed, it may appear as charts or graphs for the easy statistical analysis of research.

Transparent Report of the Results and Conclusion

After the data obtained from online surveys are analyzed, you will share the research reports with all the stakeholders. It enables each member to be in the loop on what's happening.

That said, respondents must be honest when answering surveys since the organization can implement their inputs.

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