Make A QR Code For Digital Advertising

Are you looking to improve your digital marketing strategy? You can engage and bond with your audience better when you make a QR code. It optimizes your efforts by having trackable results and allows people to access your digital content easily.

Defining Digital Advertising

Digital advertising promotes a company’s brand, product, or services using various platforms such as emails, social media, and websites. It utilizes texts, images, videos, apps, etc., to communicate its message.

Benefits of Using QR Code Maker Free On Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Make a QR code


One of the common problems of businesses is that they don’t know how to measure their campaign results. But when you make a QR code, you can resolve this issue.

It allows you to monitor the locations and devices of the scans. You can also integrate your code with Google Analytics, giving you a whole picture of the entire process – from scanning to purchasing or downloading.

Make A QR Code For Different Purposes

You can use QR codes on various advertisements, whether they are on a mobile shopping app, social media, email, website, and more. Whenever someone scans your code, you can direct them to a landing page or a space where they can shop. There are always actionable results, no matter what ad content you add.

Easy Modification

Using an online QR code for your digital advertisement takes the hassle off of your plate. If you have a dynamic code, you can update a link or change its content anytime without creating a new QR code.

Fully Customizable

You can customize QR codes to fit any graphic design, regardless of its shape, color, or size. It lets you add your brand colors, custom frames with editable CTA, varying edges, and your logo.

To download them, click the ‘download’ button and save them as JPG, PNG, SVG, or EPS. This wide range of file types lets you meet all design requirements.

Free QR Code Generator

Examples of QR Code Uses For Digital Marketing

Let us walk you through some ways how to use QR codes for your marketing strategy:

Advertise on Video Platforms

Television was the most popular way to promote your product in the old days. But now, online marketing is king. No matter where you look, there are advertisements – even on video streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.

As many people hang out in these places, you can use them to attract new users. You can promote your product or service by collaborating with content creators or adding an advertisement placement over their videos.

To give yourself a competitive edge, you can use QR codes. Users can scan the code with their smartphones and be brought to your website when they watch the video.

Email Blast

Some old-school marketing tactics still work, no matter how much things have changed. Email marketing is one of those.

If you’ve registered your email in an establishment, you will likely receive promotional content often. Email advertising allows companies to send messages whenever they want to catch up with their patrons or if they want to offer coupons or products.

To spruce up your messages, you can add a QR code where you can direct users to a landing page. The public can see all the details of an upcoming sale or store-wide event. You may also link out social media on your QR codes.

Moreover, you can put all your social media links in one QR code. From your social media, you can create hype for your event, make promotional videos, and engage with customers.

Using the Best Free QR Code Generator Can Encourage Foot Traffic

Social media helps you attract new customers, strengthen your online presence, and advertise your brand and offerings. You can grow your reach by using organic and paid ads and posting visual content. Indeed, there are many ways to reach your audience.

You can integrate a QR code on your social media platforms to attract more users to download your app. Otherwise, you can link the directions to your business address through a QR code if they want to visit your physical store.

When marketing, take more intelligent routes to drive traffic to your store. QR codes don’t only benefit consumers; they also help businesses. They provide convenience, easy engagement, and innovation in just one scan. To utilize a QR code and get your ROI in no time, contact FormBot, the QR code scanner.

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