How to Add Contact Form in Squarespace?

The internet opens many doors for businesses to sell their products and grow their influence. One platform that can help your company succeed is Squarespace.

This website creator is a perfect solution for entrepreneurs. When combined with other widgets, such as contact forms, you can optimize your marketing strategies and get plentiful revenue in return.

If you're aiming to establish your presence in the online world, you'll find this article helpful as we'll explain the basics of this app and how to add a contact form in Squarespace.

What is Squarespace?

Squarespace enables individuals to create websites for different purposes. Most small business owners use this online solution because of its user-friendly platform and servers.

This app doesn't require users to code manually or have prior programming knowledge. They create fully responsive and beautiful websites for your online business without frills.

Why Do I Need Squarespace Contact Form?

Squarespace contact form lets you connect with website visitors. It serves as a communication gateway, where customers can make inquiries or send feedback. Here are the bases why you should add it to your website:

How to Add Contact Form in Squarespace?

1. Understands Your Audience's Needs

Your business won't stay alive for long without customers supporting it. To show your appreciation, you must understand their wants and needs. This way, you'll know how to serve your audience better. Having contact forms in place helps you maintain a good relationship with your audience as they share their thoughts freely.

2. Enhance Lead Generation

Squarespace form submission can help you capture prospect customers or leads. After all, your mailing list grows whenever they input their email addresses on the forms.

You can use this mailing list to send them offers regularly and convince them to become paying customers.

3. Customer Assistance

There are times when website visitors are interested in your product or service, but they can't find the additional information they need. In this situation, they can use the Squarespace contact form to send questions before clicking the add to cart button.

4. Better Security

Squarespace contact form email enables visitors to send their email addresses privately, especially when they inquire. Instead of posting your private data on their website, where many people can see it, you can just input it on the contact page. It also mitigates the possibility of having bots send you spam.

5. Automate Tasks

Contact forms can automate client intake and customer support while improving user experience. It alerts you whenever you receive a message and organize the files submitted through your web form. In addition, it can forward the message to the right team that needs the data using conditional logic.

Step by Step Process on How to Add Contact Form in Squarespace

Take note of these steps to achieve a beautiful, functional, and automatic contact form on your Squarespace-made website.

Step 1: Generate a Form

Go into your preferred online form builder, such as FormBot. Log into your account and decide whether you'll start from scratch or use an already available template.

You may edit its theme, change the font type, and add a logo to match your brand personality. By changing the form's background, you can make its appearance more attractive. It persuades people to complete the form.

What is Squarespace?

You may also automate your form by integrating widgets such as payment processors and database analytics to evaluate results.

Step 2: Copy and Paste The Squarespace Contact Form Embed Code

After you've completed formulating your contact form, you may proceed to the next step. That is to embed it on your Squarespace page.

You may see a share button that provides a link or HTML code on your form builder dashboard. Copy this and go to your Squarespace or social media page.

You may add your HTML code on the Code Blocks available. After this, you're all set!

Step 3: Monitor Your Form's Performance

After building a valuable and professional form, you may now track the results of the submissions. Using a third-party app, you can analyze and convert them into graphical data for reporting.

You may also turn the notification on to avoid missing any submission. You can automatically collect leads and receive messages with an online form in place!

Final Thoughts - Know How to Add Contact Form in Squarespace

Stay in constant communication with potential clients using online form builders like FormBot. We help you create forms that allow you to engage with your customers easily. Receive inquiries, problems, and feedback from your client base in no time and use these to enhance the performance of your business. Get started with our free plan today!

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