Free Employee Evaluation Form Templates

Employee evaluation aims to assess and review one's job performance. Companies do this regularly, usually once or twice a year.

There are different ways to give employee feedback. It could be through paper, one-on-one conversations, email, or online forms. The details, sections, and arrangements may vary depending on the form's purpose and other circumstances.

Things to Remember When Doing An Employee Evaluation Form

We can help you prepare your evaluation forms. Read on to know about the best practices when making these.

Why Create An Employee Evaluation Form

Employee evaluation reminds workers of what supervisors or managers expect from them. It helps employers make particular decisions, especially when promoting, giving pay raises, or doing layoffs in the company.

Free Employee evaluation forms templates contain the staff's contributions and problem areas in a specific period. It is like a student's grading card but for employees. Organizations may sometimes ask employees to write their self-evaluations.

Employee Evaluation Form

Information to Add to Your Employee Evaluation Form Doc

Your form needs to have the details of both parties involved. It includes the employee name, his department, employee ID, position held, reviewer name, and the reviewer's job title.

Review Period

Evaluation forms must indicate the period you reviewed the performance to determine the employee's progress from their last assessment.

Rating System

Please explain your rating system thoroughly to employees so they'll know the equivalent of their grades. Some of the most common performance rating systems are "1 to 10" and "below average to exceptional."

When you are analyzing specific skill sets or aspects of the job, you can put them in a table to rate them easily.

Progress and Objectives

To make a practical performance evaluation, clarify to employees their progress and the future goals you'd like them to meet. This way, they would know which areas to focus on.

Additional Comments

This section allows you to share your honest feedback and suggestions that can improve employee performance. You could also encourage employees and highlight their challenges and accomplishments here.

Employee Appraisal Form


Finally, signatures can indicate that the employee and reviewer understand the evaluation process and the contents of the online form.

How to Create Free Effective Employee Evaluation Forms

Follow the below instructions to learn how to create Employee Appraisal Forms easily;

When employees receive a fair evaluation process, they feel included and respected. They also prefer being compared to themselves and not with other employees.

You need to conduct evaluations based on ethical and moral principles. It would help if you approached employee evaluation clearly and intentionally. Here are some of the best practices you may adopt to your process:

Gather The Necessary Details. Make sure to collect accurate information on the employee you're writing an evaluation for.

Be Focused. Take it slow when doing the assessment. Avoid doing everything at once. You can run several performance review sessions when necessary.

Have Clear Descriptions. Describe the job responsibilities and rating systems in detail. You may do numerical ratings, descriptive ratings, or multi-rater feedback.

Make A Customized Form Per Each Position. Create a checklist of the job's core responsibilities and leadership competencies in a separate paper. From there, you can rate how the employee performed in each responsibility.

Define The Goals. Describe the specific objectives the employee has to achieve. You may also explain the measurements for success and the expected completion dates.

Identify Development. Create an employee performance evaluation template that can encourage personal and professional development.

Provide Honest Feedback. Tell employees about the things they need to accomplish or develop.

Be Objective. Use specific numbers when you can and avoid phrases that can be misinterpreted.

Samples of Free Employee Performance Evaluation Report

1. General Employee Appraisal Form Template: This template assesses the employee's overall performance, whether monthly, quarterly, or annually. It may contain questions answerable by yes or no plus a comment space where reviewers can leave other feedback.

2. Essay Employee Review Template: In this template, employee traits and behaviors are analyzed, dissected, and explained in paragraph form.

3. Numerical Scale Form: It uses a set of numbers where reviewers get to rate a statement from 1 to 10. You can use it for your annual review template since it can contain several pieces of information.

Free Employee Evaluation Form Template

To ensure an effective employee evaluation form, use a form builder like FormBot. We provide you with templates to automate your assessment process. Check out our templates today!

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