How to Improve Customer Engagement Using QR Code Scanner

QR codes are known to help organizations gather and store information. And for businesses, they are also used to boost customer engagement. This is one of the reasons why understanding how QR codes and code scanners work is vital in your marketing strategy.

What are QR Codes?

Quick Response (QR) codes are scannable unique barcodes that contain data for a locator, identifier, or tracker that brings users to your preferred endpoint (such as a website, landing page, social media pages, application, or others). Protect your endpoints using EDR software.

There are also many benefits of using QR codes. They are easy to use, can grab people's attention, are safe to implement, and have zero to minimal error than manually inputting details.

Code Scanner

In addition, marketers use it to let customers engage with their brand by scanning the QR via a camera app or a code scanner.

It eliminates the risk of losing customer engagement because gathering their information has been automated. Also, reducing manual systems helps improve security and ensures data entry isn't duplicated.

What is a code scanner?

A code scanner allows people to scan QR codes online or via their native camera app, or with a QR scanner without the app.

They collect the data and send it to a software application, translating all the gathered data into information.

Meanwhile, if your smartphone or other devices have no native scanner, various applications offer a free QR code scanner download on Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

How to increase Customer Engagement Using QR Codes and Code Scanners

Loyalty Programs

One of the best strategies to boost customer engagement is by rewarding them through a loyalty program. Your loyal customers can have the QR they can present whenever they buy your products or services. You can also use QR codes to redirect your loyal customers to a landing page where they can redeem discount codes or gift cards.

QR Code Scanner and Reader

Direct Mail

Want to improve your lead generation or overall customer engagement?

You can opt to use QR codes in your direct mail, whereas your prospect no longer has to manually reply to your email to send their personal and contact details. By scanning your QR code, they can automate their form submission to your current campaign.

Product Catalogs

Of course, enticing your customers with what you offer is one of the best ways to boost engagement.

You can embed your product catalogs into a QR code and provide customers with interactive records where you can promote your products and services. At the same time, this should allow them to order or avail of your products and services by accessing your catalogs with just one scan.

Social Media

Since 80% of customers engage with brands on social media, it's crucial to put a QR code in your products, thank you cards, or website and redirect customers to your social media pages. By doing so, your customers can easily follow your official pages and get to know your brand even better without the need to type your brand name or business username.

Business Card

Putting a QR code on your business card allows you to become conventional and modern simultaneously. In addition, it also allows people you have met with visiting your social media pages, website, landing page, or product catalogs quickly by simply scanning the code in your business card.

Moreover, you can even use a QR code to collect their contact details to get in touch with them quickly.

Want to integrate QR codes into your business strategy?

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