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Utilizing a reliable form maker is essential for building a business’s online presence. Forms have many purposes, including a way for prospects to reach you, answer a market research survey, or subscribe to your email newsletter. You can do this by using an online Excel form builder or an online drag and drop form builder. This article sheds light on the difference between the two.

Creating a Form Using an Online Excel Form Builder

Create an online form in Excel with FormBot – There are three different ways to build a form using Microsoft Excel online. They are as follows:

A Copy and Paste Converting Tool

There are tools, such as TABLEIZER or Code Beautify, which you can use to turn an Excel table into an HTML form. You just have to copy and paste cells into the box and upload the code into your website’s CMS. It is an excellent option for users who want to create something instantly, have no big budget, and when the design is not a significant concern.

A Paid Converting Tool

Using a paid converting tool to install into Microsoft Excel online is a smart option if you need to build a more complex online form for data entry. A reliable solution can even help you exhibit a selection of results based on a user’s inputs.
Online Excel Form Builder
Here’s how to use a paid converting tool within an online Excel form builder :
  • Download a converting tool
  • Install the converting tool
  • Build the online form in Excel
  • Identify the user data entry cells
  • Develop a dropdown list menu (optional)
  • Convert the Spreadsheet into an online form
  • View your online form

A Survey

You can also build a survey form in Excel without needing a converting tool. As an inclusion to the Office 365 package, you’ll have the ability to create a survey that you can view and share online. It is a worthwhile option for internal use and getting customer feedback where all responses get saved within an Excel workbook.

How to create a survey in 4 simple steps

  • Open Office 365, click New -> Forms for Excel -> Create
  • Create your survey
  • Preview your survey to view the form in computer mode before it’s published; there’s also an option for you to see it on mobile.
  • Share your survey
Best Online Microsoft Excel Form Builder

Creating a Form Using an Online Drag and Drop Form Builder

If you find an online Excel form builder too complicated or limited, an alternative is a dependable third-party online form builder with drag and drop functionality. Providers like FormBot and Google Forms allow you to make the creative process incredibly straightforward-you’d even be able to make a form without the need to code! Whether you’re looking to focus on aesthetics, customized design or layout, flexibility with integrations, or cost, they got you covered.

Here’s how to create forms using a free online form builder with a database:

  • Sign up to an online form builder – Solutions, such as FormBot, offer basic functionalities for free. You just need to register and make an account through the website.
  • Choose your template – select a template from a plethora of pre-set templates that you can easily edit to suit your goals. FormBot, the online Microsoft Excel form builder has hundreds of it.
  • Customize the content – Explore different design elements, edit the fields, and construct your content based on what you need.
  • Embed the form on your website – Identify the desired page to put your web forms to and conveniently embed them.

The Comparison

There are pros and cons to creating forms using an online Excel form builder. The benefits include:
  • Unlimited input boxes
  • Great for collecting user responses and complex data
  • Increased functionality, such as the availability of specific outputs based on users’ inputs
Now, the downsides include:
  • Complex creative process
  • Limited layout and design options
  • The need to change each element of design individually
  • The design lacks professionalism
  • Lack of pre-set templates makes the process more time consuming
  • Paid converting tool
Third-party online Excel form builder, on the other hand, offer advantages, such as:
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Create from scratch or choose a template
  • Choose from a wide selection of pre-set templates
  • Free version
  • Customizable templates
  • Modern and professional-looking designs
  • Opportunity to be used with other third-party platforms and services

FormBot, the online Microsoft Excel form builder

Creating an online form with a third-party solution is often the best option. Look for a product that can meet all your form needs. Check out FormBot, an online Excel form builder today, and start making your forms work for you.

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