What Is a QR Code Menu and Its Benefits?

COVID-19 changed the world and how we do business in various industries, especially in the hospitality industry. One such business that switched things around is the food business, replacing its physical menu with a menu in QR code. But what is a QR code menu, and how does it benefit restaurants that use it?

What Is a QR Code Menu?

A QR code menu is a digital version of the physical menus used in restaurants. It reduces contact with physical objects around the restaurant. Instead of leafing through the pages of the traditional menu, diners scan the QR code to access it and pick what they want on their phone.

Another upside to using a QR code is using any app as a free QR code generator and reader because these codes are universal. It means users can use a single app wherever they dine in. Business owners can do the same thing, generating various QR code menus for multiple restaurants.

 What is a QR Code Menu

How to Use a QR Code Menu

Is this your first time using an app to produce a QR code menu for your restaurant? Don't worry. The process is quite simple, as explained below:

  1. Log in to the QR code generator dashboard.
  2. Look for a template, if any, that will help you create a restaurant menu.
  3. Customize the QR code with what your restaurant has to offer. It can be as simple as uploading the file containing your menu.
  4. Choose how diners will access the menu - as a downloadable PDF or on a landing page.
  5. Customize everything to suit your restaurant's brand. It usually includes choosing colors that resonate with that brand. This way, you will create uniformity among the materials related to your business.
  6. Create a logo that will establish brand awareness.
  7. It's time to design your code, from changing its colors to adding the logo.
  8. Download it as a PDF.
  9. Use it in your restaurant and display it on each table, at the entrance, and in your promotional materials.

The diners will enjoy just pointing their smartphone at your QR code and choosing the best dishes.

How to Encourage People to Use a QR Code Menu

But how else do you ensure diners keep using your QR code menus? Here are some tips:

  • Help the elderly scan the QR code when they dine in at your restaurant, so they will see how easy it is and be encouraged to try it again on their own.
  • Make the QR codes another avenue to promote your brand and personality by adding a logo and using encouraging and clear CTA to tell diners what to expect and what they should do.
  • Changing the color and shape of the QR code to reflect your brand,
  • Edit the QR codes to stage personalized campaigns, such as changing one of your dishes to a loyal diner celebrating her birthday or a team winning at a local championship game,
QR Code Menus for Restaurants

Benefits of Using a QR Code Menu

You started by asking, what is a QR code menu? Now, you are making one for your restaurant. But if you are still hesitant, you might want to know if the switch will be worth it. If someone asks, "what is a QR code used for," you can respond by citing the following benefits:

Promote contactless transactions

Despite the COVID-19 cases going down, it is still essential to keep everyone safe. You can use a QR code menu to reduce contact with the physical menu and avoid touching what other people have touched. The code also protects the staff. It beats having to physically pick up the menu, distribute it to the diners, and explain the specials in detail.

Cut down on printing costs.

Menus get passed around, smeared on, and spilled on, increasing the effects of wear and tear. Instead of printing new menus every time, you can use a QR code menu and reduce printing costs. You only need to print the QR code and put it on the restaurant's door, windows, walls, and tables.

Edit the menu without reprinting

You can edit the menu by uploading a new file to the QR code and changing it as often as possible, with no reprinting involved.

Include attractive images in the menu

Printing colorful images on a physical menu can be costly and space-consuming. You won't worry about these with QR code menus. You can upload as many mouth-watering and delicious-looking images as possible, help customers decide what they want, and let them order based on the photos they see.

Are you ready to convert to using QR code menus? FormBot can help you generate QR codes for free, like how you can make custom form templates at no cost to you. Contact us today!

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