How To Scan QR Code Android

Do you remember someone asking you how to scan a QR code on Android and iOS? While this looks basic to you, this question means some marketer out there is successfully generating new leads.

How to Generate Leads Via QR Codes

Running lead generation campaigns ensures organizations scale. It creates business opportunities to have a hold of clients. There are great marketing tools you can use, just like QR codes.

Using a QR code to find new prospects is effective, as it can easily lead someone to sign up for your mailing list or answer a survey. Most businesses also reward those who will participate by promising a discount or free voucher when they share their feedback by simply scanning a QR code.

How to Scan QR Code Android

Launching a top-notch campaign using QR codes requires work. Your crowd should know how to scan QR codes on Android and iOS devices first

Learn How to Scan QR Code Android

Deciphering codes using Android devices is easy. Most handsets have built-in QR scanners, eliminating the need for a code scanner. Here's the easy-to-follow guide:

How to Scan the QR Code in the Camera

It allows prospects to get the content of QR codes without an app or a third-party solution:

  • Step 1: Click on the camera app and use its rear-facing lens.
  • Step 2: Focus the lens of your camera on the black-and-white squares.
  • Step 3: Wait for the notification and open the link associated with the QR code.

It's so straightforward that most people won't hesitate to do it, boosting your chance to amplify your lead generation. Even if they don't have a built-in scanner in their phone, they can still answer your survey or give feedback by scanning from their gallery.

How to Scan QR Code From The Gallery

There are various ways to scan a QR code on your phone. Did you know you can decipher them from your gallery or camera roll?

  • Step 1: Install Google Photos by searching it from the App Store
  • Step 2: Let Google Photos gain accessibility of your camera roll
  • Step 3: From Google Photos gallery, select the photo containing a QR Code
  • Step 4: Choose the Google Lens icons in the native camera
  • Step 5: Click on the dots that emerge on the screen with the QR code
  • Step 6: View the notification banner
  • Step 7: Press the link to view the triggered action.
Android QR Code Scanner

Meanwhile, the second way offers more convenience. It's by directly scanning the unique code in your device's camera.

How to Scan Using A Code Scanner

  • Step 1: Open the Code Scanner from Control Center
  • Step 2: Head over to Settings > Control Center, then choose the Insert button beside the Code Scanner.
  • Step 3: Launch Control Center, select the Code Scanner, then position the back camera in a way that it can snap the code.
  • Step 4: Your device recognizes the QR code.
  • Step 5: It will spontaneously transfer you to the website linked to the QR code

After knowing how to scan QR codes on Android, we can discuss how to use them to go after new potential followers.

Prospects scanning your QR and hitting the 'Submit' button means you now have their valuable details. You can use these to improve engagement. Here are ways to generate leads via QR codes:

  • Put a QR code when asking for feedback.
  • Send an email asking recipients to scan your code to fill up your survey.
  • Promote your company and offer special discounts when they take action.
  • Have a loyalty program where clients can earn points or rewards. But first, they have to register for the program by scanning your QR code.

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