Using QR Code Scanner Online For Events

Putting together huge promotional events means getting a chance to use QR codes as one of your marketing tools. There are various reasons to use a QR code scanner online for such events, from connecting with the participants to contacting them after the event.

Considering how busy marketing events are, it helps to use the right tool for invitations, RSVPs, ticket distributions, check-ins, access, and more. These tasks will be much quicker if the event participants use a smartphone as an online scanner of the QR codes you’ve prepared. Learn more about using these codes to mount your event successfully and efficiently.

For Event Invitations

As the organizer, QR codes can be used to send invitations and other materials to your event participants. You can use these to encourage them to sign up and promote your products. One thing you can do is lead users to a landing page where participants can provide their email addresses so they can receive your token -- it can increase attendance rates and sign-ups.

For Staging Online Events

While there are more in-person events, you might still be holding online events. They have been proven effective at reaching customers beyond geographic limitations. Now, your users can use a Google QR scanner online for virtual check-ins, provide feedback, pay for registration, and get their tokens

QR Code Scanner Online

For Checking In

Check-ins at important events often require time as participants must fill out some paperwork and go through a few steps to finish the process. But if you ask them to use a QR code scanner online, you can cut lines short and make the check-in process more manageable.


When you send your digital or printed invitations, you can include a QR code that guests can scan to learn more about your event. They can use the code to register, submit payment, and add your event to their calendar. You can update the contents of the code as you count the days down to the event. You can ramp up the participants’ excitement, get them to share it on social media, join contests, and promote it through various platforms.

For Event Access

Like how you use barcode scanners to go grocery shopping, you can equip your fellow organizers with a QR code scanner. They can scan the code on the participants’ tickets using their smartphone cameras. Participants no longer need printed ones to get in and out of the event.

For Managing the Event

Running a significant event can be daunting, but there are so many tasks you can do more efficiently, such as gathering RSVPs, making an attendance list, allowing mobile check-ins, and tracking attendance. QR codes can collect participants’ information, provide links to surveys or registration forms, show social media links, and give more detailed event information.

For Checking Attendance

Every time a participant scans a QR code, you can get their contact details by asking them to sign up for your newsletter subscriber list, sending them emails, and increasing conversions. You can easily confirm who pushed through with the event and who did not.

For Photo Sharing

Do you want to source photos from your participants? You can do that without much hassle by asking them to scan a QR code where they can post even-related photos. You can do the same thing so participants can download your high-resolution images or get the photos they took at the event’s photo booth.

 Scan QR Code Online

For Establishing a Seating Chart

Have you organized a seating chart for your participants? Instruct them to use a QR code scanner online to access the seating chart in a QR code. You can edit the code’s content to show the event schedule, seating chart, map, and other information. You can even include more helpful details, such as the location of the food stalls or the restrooms.

For Maintaining Hygiene

QR codes promote contactless transactions that are more hygienic than using physical tickets. It is appropriate for a post-pandemic world.

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