How to Generate a QR Code for Advertising Purposes

Utilizing a QR code is a cutting-edge means of promoting your enterprise. The swift and effortless exchange of information through a QR code is powerful enough to connect you with your desired audience.

If you have yet to incorporate this technology into your advertising strategy, allow this discourse to enlighten you on how to generate a QR code and wield it to showcase your products.

Why use a QR code for your advertising?

As mentioned, a QR code empowers the instantaneous and effortless exchange of information, making it an asset in advertising.

Organizations use it to store URLs, contact information, calendar events, and other types of data. Most online QR code generators also allow organizations to customize their QR codes by inputting their company logo or any image they can use to trigger the audience to take action and participate in their campaigns.

As a marketing device, businesses can leverage QR codes to attract leads through social media, websites, landing pages, and even tangible assets such as brochures, billboards, and product labels.

 How To Generate A QR Code

It lets marketers reach targeted audiences interested in their offerings and convert them into devoted customers. Furthermore, using a QR code can enhance lead generation, elevate brand recognition, and foster brand loyalty.

How to Employ QR Codes For Advertising

QR codes offer a versatile means of transmitting or receiving information, making financial transactions or pushing products. They do a great job driving marketing campaigns, acting as a gateway to attract and engage potential offline and online customers.

Integrating this app into your marketing plan is necessary for business success.

However, before learning to generate a QR code, take the time to understand its application in advertising. By gaining knowledge of its applications, you can intelligently decide on the correct QR code generator for your strategy.

So, if you're ready to leverage QR codes for marketing, the initial step is to identify the type of campaign that best aligns with your business goals.

Here are three straightforward methods for utilizing QR codes in advertising:


QR codes can advertise what your company offers. Then, for a combined effort, you can put them in your printed materials, like brochures and posters, allowing people to access details about your business when they are out in public.

Also, you can take advantage of QR codes online through email and social media. You'll reach people who are readily accessible and won't think twice about scanning your QR code to learn more about your company.


Another way to use QR codes is by getting the attention of individuals at events and conferences. Then, of course, you can display low-key banners in your venue containing your QR code, which direct to your website or various landing pages. It may also bring them to your social media pages, inviting them to like and follow you for exclusive promos online.

Meanwhile, if you're a guest speaker, consider putting your QR code on the last slide of your presentation. It ensures that you've already proven your expertise with the audience, who might have grown their interest in what you do and offer.

  How to Create a QR Code


Is your audience constantly on the go? Then, consider putting up advertising posters on signages. If someone sees one while driving or walking, they might want more details about your products and services.

How to Generate a QR Code

To get QR codes free of use, you need to find a generator online that lets you customize a QR code according to your branding, advertising campaign, and unique situation.

Once you find the most suitable for your needs, you can generate a QR code following these steps:

  • Craft the form, landing page, social media post, or anything you want to put in the QR code
  • Generate the link to your material
  • Head to your preferred QR code generator
  • Enter the URL of your content ( form, landing page, social media post, etc.)
  • Customize the QR code
  • Download and save the QR code to your computer
  • Add the QR code to any of your advertising material
Simple, isn't it?

For those seeking a personalized QR code for advertising endeavors, consider making one with our tools. We offer a FREE QR code generator, along with its Form generator, which you can use to advertise your services.