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Most often than not, employees need to finish many tasks daily to see good results. However, the problem is that some of their work is repetitive.

To ensure that you're spending time wisely on strategic and innovative processes, you can automate what you can.

This post will discuss why it makes sense to use a form generator for e-commerce.

What is Form Automation?

Form automation is creating, sharing, finalizing, and managing forms online. It aims to reduce waste by not using paper when collecting data.

Form automation is applicable for applications, questionnaires, surveys, quizzes, and other types of answer sheets. Through the software tools available in the market now, you can gather the necessary information in no time.

What Tasks Can Be Automated By An Online Form Builder?

Allows You To Learn More About Your Site Visitors

Form Generator

E-commerce or online businesses need to generate leads to grow their client base. One way to get prospects is by asking website visitors to sign up on your site.

To automate this task, you may add a web form to one of your landing pages. There are free form creators you can use to get you started.

Once visitors sign up, you can offer them a newsletter subscription so they'll get updated with your promotions or events. You would want to ensure that you're only asking for helpful information.

Answer Commonly Asked Questions

Newcomers and frequent website visitors may have questions in mind, and most of them are similar. For example, they'd like to know the estimated arrival of the item, the cost of the shipping fee, and instructions on how to return the product.

Through web forms, you may collect customer questions automatically. FormBot, the best online form generator has many templates to choose from, so it should be easy.

Chatbot tools can answer FAQs on time if you want to automate this process further.

Order and Payments Processing

Since you're aiming to reach more customers, it would be best to collect orders and payments through online forms. It could save you plenty of time instead of attending to customer calls to receive orders all day.

Some online form creators that can take orders are Google Forms and FormBot. The latter also integrates with payment processors, so you'll have hassle-free transactions.

Free Online Form Creator

Data Analysis

Some e-commerce businesses only manufacture products based on demand. They rely on the forms they receive before deciding which item to continue producing and which one to pause or stop.

By receiving responses and arranging them on a database, you'll know how many orders you have and how fast you can process or ship them.

Once orders come in, you would want to view them organized. You can use form generators with data analysis applications or integrate them with third-party tools for easy audit. It allows you to put orders in a spreadsheet format to make it seamless.

You can also customize spreadsheets to separate information, such as shipping date and price, or whichever is vital for you.

Collecting Data Other Than Personal Information

Companies may collect not only data that may go beyond what we usually see in typical forms.

For example, the marketing team holds a contest to increase brand awareness. As part of the mechanics, they'll ask their followers to send a photo along with their details to take part in the event.

The organizers can choose from the library of templates to ensure that entries are received and organized automatically.

Processing Refunds and Returns

You may also use a form generator to build a page where people can request for refund or details for returns. It will make customer management easier when these requests are processed through forms.

Easy and Secure Sharing

To mitigate the stressful transfer of documents, you can use free form creators. It does not only save you from inefficiency; it also ensures security. Online form builders protect confidential documents and give access to authorized parties only.

Final Thoughts - Best Online Form Generator

Form automation can take on some mundane, recurring tasks in your workflow. It pushes your business towards an environment-friendly company.

If your goal is to create beautiful and intuitive web forms efficiently, then FormBot - the form creator is the best solution for the job. We offer great features such as drag-and-drop functionality, a library of templates, robust security, integration with other applications, and mobile responsiveness.

You can fine-tune your fields, add conditional logic, and do other things to make your form powerful and ready to go. Want to automate your processes? You can start by using FormBot, the best form generator.

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