Create QR Code Free To Achieve Your Marketing Goals

QR codes have become a popular marketing tool that helps businesses connect to their customers and gain new leads. Suppose you want to improve customer engagement and achieve the rest of your marketing goals. Fortunately, you can create a QR code for free, but what types of QR codes are available to you based on these goals?

To Improve Customer Engagement

QR code for video content

Help your customers learn more about your company history, how your products are made, your new services, how you source your materials, and who your employees are, among others. Instead of producing the content in written form, you can use videos. The content can be informational, funny, or educational. Direct your customers to the videos using the video QR code.

QR code for your app

Make the process of accessing your app less frustrating to customers by directing them to it using an app store QR code. You can encourage them to download your app and connect using the code. Aside from the app, put more information about it in the code. Use a free QR code generator to do this.

Create QR Code Free

QR code for getting feedback

Give your customers a channel to provide feedback about your products. It makes them feel heard and gives you valuable insight that can help improve your products and develop better promotional activities. You can provide them with a feedback QR code they can scan.

To Boost Social Media Presence

QR code for your Twitter page

Twitter is one of the leading social media sites organizations use to converse with customers, get customer feedback, and go viral with the proper response. If you handle it correctly, you can trend the keyword related to your brand or new product. If you trend, you can increase your followers, giving you more reach.

QR code for your Facebook page

According to a Meta report, Facebook has 2.91 billion monthly active users (MAUs) as of December 2021. Launching a Facebook business page will give you access to your customers and connect you to audiences outside the platform using newsletters, giveaways, and contests. Create a QR code free, generate a Facebook QR code, and ask your customers to follow your Facebook page.

Generate QR Codes

QR code for all social media accounts

Let your customers know your pages on multiple social media platforms, from Facebook and Twitter to YouTube and LinkedIn. They only need to scan the social media QR code containing links to all your pages. If you get new accounts from another platform, you can use QR code monkey to edit the content of your social media QR code.

To Generate Leads

QR code for coupons

Give your customers something in return for doing something for you, such as discounts. It is always a give-and-take cycle in business, but it can be convenient for everyone. Instead of giving them paper vouchers or discount coupons to cut, you can provide them with a coupon QR code to scan. It is possible to use the best free QR code generator app you can find.

You can print a QR code for coupons on the display window, check-out counter, at the entrance, or in a paper ad. Using the code means not having to print physical coupons. It means using the same QR code repeatedly by simply editing its content. For your customers, it merely means scanning the code, saving it, and redeeming it before the coupon expires.

QR code for your email

If your customers want to reach out to you more privately instead of tweeting or posting on Facebook, they can do it via email. They can use that email address to give feedback, inquire about your products, or book an appointment.

The best thing about QR codes is that you can use them to reach the audience that sticks to traditional media, such as those who still read newspapers and magazines or watch TV. When they reach out to you, you will gain one more important email address you can use for future marketing activities.

To Improve Brand Awareness

QR code for collecting ratings

Ask customers to rate your service using a rating page, which you can show using a rating QR code. The best part about this is you can customize the code to reflect your brand, from its color and CTA in the message to the edge shapes.

QR code for business page

Give your customers a business page QR code to locate your company's physical store, website, or critical details. You can include a URL to a Google Maps direction to your store, social media links, phone numbers, and a CTA button on what you want the customers to do.

Are you ready to create your own set of QR codes to engage customers, increase brand awareness, generate leads, and improve your social media following? Creating a QR code and editing its content to repurpose the same code is possible with FormBot. With our web-based tool, you can create a QR code for free and edit it as needed. Visit FormBot today!

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