Online Form Builder with Cloud Storage Database to Try

Over the past years, many people have been switching to digital technology to perform specific tasks. Having an advanced solution at hand can make business growth possible.

An online form builder with a cloud storage database is one of the things that you’ll find beneficial. It can record responses, collect data, optimize lead generation, and boost your business.

Form makers collect respondents’ important details by letting them fill up the fields. The purpose of completing forms varies based on the goal of the owner.

Before we dive into some samples of online form builders with a cloud storage database, let us first understand how it benefits your organization.

If your business uses an online form, you can entice visitors by posting engaging content on your social media sites. Ensure that your text, image, link, and meta information are all on point.

Your caption should be concise and must fit the character limit. Be clear with your message and use active words to get more responses.

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Form creators may provide optimized HTML code that can display your online forms on the different types of social media. It includes a personalized description and image.

Avoid using generic stock photos on the preview thumbnail and add something that fits your branding. The more specific the image is, the better your lead generation.

Online Form Builder with Cloud Storage Database

1. Better Understand Customers – You can make better decisions when you know what sparks the interest of your target audience. This method can keep your business going.

2. Save Costs – Various marketing tools are available for businesses, and spending money on them makes sense as long as they improve your operations. Purchasing an online form builder with cloud storage can save you time as data gathering and analysis become automatic.

3. Increase Lead Generation – Let’s say you are running an online campaign and you want to gain more traction. You may create an online form and embed it on your website. Through this, your visitors can register on your platform, and you’ll have details about your prospects. Once they input their email address and agree to send them offers, you can leverage it as part of your marketing strategy.

4. Create Limitless Forms – Your company needs web forms for different occasions. As such, a single web form isn’t enough if you want your business to grow immensely. Paid and free online form builders can help you do this with or without cost.

5. Improve Business Processes – Surveys and feedback can help your organization identify your bottlenecks or areas of improvement.

6. Keeps You Updated – You can turn on the alerts, so you’ll know when you receive responses on your web forms. They will record these answers in an Excel spreadsheet, and notifications will go directly into your inbox.

7. Better User Experience – Customers appreciate it when you give them customized things. By customizing your forms based on your company’s branding, you can entice users to support your business.

Best Online Form Builders

  1. Captisa
  2. Google Forms
  3. FormBot


Whether you’re looking to generate leads, hire new applicants, or register guests for an event, Captisa can assist you. With a cloud storage database, this online form builder can make the exact online form you need.

It has a dashboard that functions as a business intelligence tool. It lets you view and analyze key performance indicators (KPI), metrics, and other data points.

You can quickly configure points and apply conditional logic without writing JavaScript code. Moreover, it can automate business workflow actions, such as sending emails to different team members and updating field entries.

Online Form Builder with Cloud Storage

If you’re an e-commerce business, you can also use it to accept payments from all major credit card companies. Captisa has a free version that you can try.

Google Forms

This free online form builder can create polished forms for any event. It has a variety of elements you can play with to get the exact look you want.

If you’re creating your form from scratch, you can choose among the different question types they provide. It includes short-answer text, multiple-choice, and checkboxes. Google forms also allow users to add images and videos to web forms. It will help highlight the organization’s branding.

This application also has templates that you can readily use, such as customer information forms, registration forms, and students’ worksheets. Once the web forms are ready, you can share them on your website or social media page.


This best online form builder enables users to create forms quickly using its drag-and-drop functionality. With its intuitive interface, users can arrange elements based on their preferences.

This platform doesn’t require any coding skills so that beginners can create and edit forms seamlessly. It has features that can streamline your workflows, including generating leads, collecting data, and securing payments.

FormBot allows you to make dynamic and engaging online forms. You can choose among its library of templates for a much faster process. In addition, its integrations with different payment gateways can process payments safely, giving you and your customers peace of mind.

Final Thoughts

Online form builder with a cloud database is valuable for businesses. It optimizes marketing campaigns, attracts more leads, and improves business workflows. Grow your business by using FormBot’s powerful features. Contact us today!

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