How to Automatically Send Email Response?

Businesses need to communicate with their customers regularly to maintain their loyalty. If you want to do it without putting in a lot of time and effort, you can use an auto-response email.

When you automatically send emails to your customers, you strengthen your relationship with them. It also establishes your reputation as being reliable and trustworthy.

Whether it’s a survey or order form, providing an email autoresponder can help you engage with your users on a deeper level. It can boost customer experience whenever they feel their importance.

What is an Auto-Response Email?

It is a type of email delivered to a user after submitting a web form response. To enable this, you’ll need to add a form field that asks users to provide their validated email.

You also need to set up the specifics of your email notification. Make sure that it contains the recipient’s email address, date when to submit it, subject, and the email body.

Auto-responses can send the user a copy of the data they completed, a receipt for an order or payment, or just an acknowledgment note, thanking them for filling out a form.

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Email Response Examples That You Can Automatically Send

How to automatically submit a form? We have listed below some auto-response emails you can apply. You may tweak them based on your needs.

Informing Respondents That You Got Their Message

If someone sends an inquiry or question regarding your service, it would be best to inform that individual that you successfully received their message. Let them know that you will get back to them as soon as you are available. You may also provide them with your operating hours and other contact details but ensure that you make it concise.

Assigning a Code or Number to a User’s Request

This type of auto-response email shows that you care about the customer’s inquiry. Inform the individual that the request was received and assign them with a particular tracking code. If they need to follow up on this request, they can send in the code you provided.

Send a Service Maintenance Notification

If you are experiencing some hiccups or maintenance in your service, you can inform your customers about the situation. You could use Autosubmit Google form response to tell them that your customer support team is busy and their replies may take longer than usual.

Send an Info to Your Respondent

Autoresponders can send specific files to form respondents. For example, a person registers through your online form; you may send them an email including a link to a product tailored to their interest.

You could also share discount codes, promotions, sales, and other valuable offers you currently have. Ensure that your message is optimized for mobile use since most of your customers use smartphones or tablets more than desktops.

Invite People to Complete a Survey, Poll, or Feedback Form

Do you want to ensure that your brand name stays on top of your customer’s minds? You can personally ask them about it. You can send an autoresponder email response to customers registered in your database to fill out a survey, poll, or feedback form.

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Send a Welcome Note to the People Who Bought Your Product Or Regist

Let your customers feel your warm welcome by greeting them and sending them an email. They would appreciate receiving a quick “Thank You” along with some promotional offers. Try to be fun by personalizing your welcome email. It will create a unique experience for your users.

Ask For Their Reviews

Having reviews of your products or services is a great way to influence prospective customers. Won’t it be great to utilize this as a way to ramp up your advertising?

You can automatically send email responses a few days or weeks after their purchase asking them to leave feedback or review. You can also offer incentives to those who have sent their reviews as a way of thanking them.

Send a Payment Confirmation

If you’re asking your customers to fill up a form to send their orders, you can make their minds rest easy by letting them know that you’ve received and processed their payments successfully. You can carry this out by sending a purchase confirmation through an auto-response email.

Final Thoughts

You can automate and scale up your marketing efforts by automatically sending follow-up emails to your customers through online form builders. This powerful technology takes out the complexity of making survey forms.

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