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Organizations find it beneficial to share thoughts through clear communication. One of the methods people use to perform this is through online forms. Employing it in your business can lead to more traffic and better brand recognition.
Online form builders save you time, money, and energy as they automatically perform data collection. The best web form builder software lets you engage with customers, get ideas from them, and understand their perception of your company. But what if you’re not familiar with programming? Would it still be ideal to utilize online forms? The answer is yes! You can use accessible, drag-and-drop form builder apps instead. It is a perfect tool for people with no previous coding experience or knowledge. Creating an online form may be sophisticated in designing and development, but several online form builders can make the process hassle-free. These free form builder software can build beautiful outputs without coding.

How to Choose the Top Form Builder Software

To help you search, we have listed some of the best online form builders in this article for your reference.
React Form Builder

Easy to use

The tool should be easy to use for someone with no coding experience. Also, it should have a FAQ page and contact support that addresses your concerns when needed.

Data and form security

If there is one aspect that businesses should never overlook, it’s security. The best form builder for iPad, Android, and web must have a strict security standard in place. It should, at least, allow you to add a CAPTCHA element in your forms. That way, you can prevent yourself from receiving spam messages and bots.


Every business has different colors, styles, and aesthetics for websites. Because of that, the tool should allow you to customize the form according to your preference.

Pre-made templates

Sometimes, it’s convenient to use a pre-made template since it saves your time. As such, you might want to look for the best forms that offer various pre-made templates. A good form builder should have contact, survey, and registration templates.

The Best Online Form Builders Free and Paid


It is one of the most flexible form-maker apps in the market, allowing you to create unlimited forms and accept infinite amounts of data. It has an easy drag-and-drop user interface to play around with to complete a professional online form. Putting them on your website as a call-to-action can boost your leads. It is available on Android and iOS mobile phones for free.

Google Forms

Google is so robust that it provides numerous free productivity tools. Aside from Google Docs and Slides, it also offers an online form creator called Google Forms.
Best Online Form Builder
Google Forms comes in handy when you want to create online quizzes or if you want to collect information from your employees or customers. It also allows you to create subscription forms quickly. You only need to access your Google accounts, and then you can start designing your web form. You may choose among its different templates for personal use, work, and education. It also ensures a fast turnaround time compared to other apps. It also offers paid plans, starting at $6 a month if you want to get its other premium features.

Best Online Form Builder With Database 2024


This form builder provides many functions, whether for premium users or not. Aside from its drag-and-drop element, it also gives you the freedom to choose among hundreds of customizable and responsive templates. It is a perfect solution if you’re doing a rush project. Pabbly also has form logic & analytics, integrates with other apps, collects payments, and makes partial form submissions. If you have reached the specified limit for the number of forms you can create, Pabbly will send an email reminder to ask if you want to scale up your plan.

Popular Free Best Web Form Builder Software

Forms App

Businesses and organizations use online forms for various reasons. They are accessible, helpful in generating data, cost-effective, and interactive. Forms App embodies these characteristics. Within a few clicks, you can create and share forms. You may even design your answer sheet on your smartphone. It is a versatile solution that caters to small and big businesses, no matter the industry.


This software makes form-creation as easy as 1-2-3. Typeform lets you choose from its wide range of templates. You don’t have to worry as they have designs for different occasions. You can insert your personality into your forms as compared to traditional ones. It also has a unique feature that automatically controls what type of questionnaires to show to your respondents, depending on their answers. Other functionalities include form integration, online payment, simple calculations, and the ability to upload or send files.

FormBot, the Best Web Form Builder Software

FormBot is a fantastic form builder that lets you create a professional form in minutes. It has an intuitive visual editor where you can personalize your web forms. It has strict security measures in place, which is also a good thing if you will use it to accept payment. It has hundreds upon hundreds of form templates, and once you’ve completed building your form, you can share it through a link or embed it on your website. By collaborating with another app, you can have detailed reporting and analytics. It has a free plan that enables you to create unlimited forms, but its database storage is only up to 10 MB. Click here to get started today! Best Fallout 4 Registration Form Build Free Poll Maker Google

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